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ha yeah last connector, one of the kids is like CAN I THROW THAT ONE AWAY!?

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jezus mfk
school to cheap to put 4 10k resistors in our parts kit
has us make them out of equiv resistors, which it expects to work on a melted breadboard, ha
so we used four decade boxes
adc front end not working
3 of the 4 cables we had had broken minigrabber to female BNC adapters
also lab manual basically assumes rail to rail operation
and were using LM741
ME department at this school seems to have their shit together, a unified front of sorts, like LA sheriff
EE department, i dunno its like bunch of fuckin random disconnected groups, and shit lab gear
more like LAPD

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the newegg one is 5 years, best price because it probably isnt new

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so like $200 in sd cards and a $30 controller for a 640GB ssd
kind of cheaper
i dont remember
i think it was actually about doing a raid with tons of sd cards

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didnt stu once get annoyed because i made a joke about something like that, heh

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