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doesnt mention accelerometer or servo feedback
33hz -3dB, neat

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you have a velodyne sub?
is it accelerometer era?
not sure, dont think they do that anymore
an exboss was from there, said the company head went on a crazy fuckin tangent, i dont even remember the product, something robotics, nothing audio
also headphones because who doesnt redistribute headphones in 2010's
macegr: have you see netsky?
heh, pirate bay was my subwoofer test track at guitar shop job, i would empty the conference room with that shit
anyway, ive seen netsky performance mix a typical 90 minute set, totally happy bouncy kid after, normal dj
he does the live thing, maybe 60 minutes if that, by the end he looks sweaty, slightly dead, its pretty awesome

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shrug, sounds like china

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im not sure if negotiation stick guy is okay =(
he just kinda gone

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you would think they have a crank-while-on-break machine at mcmaster
they sell bicycles
damn, $590 for a ghetto beach cruiser
has a really big basket, tho

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