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put more of same plastic on top, heat stake
you can drill into a thick soldering iron tip to get it concave to use as a heat stake tip

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pick a thing to do, google a bit for how to do it, when you get confused ask a question
and yeah you wont get far without reading
after basic electronics, the majority of what you will learn will be from application notes, datasheets, similar white paper
honestly the math isnt that big of a deal, you can get by with algebra and creativity in most situations
for basic stuff, im guessing you can prob find decent videos, because 2016
you wont have to do much
some stuff requires integration of waveforms, but you can fake it with geometry

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then like, you have to pick a thing you want to do
and we can help you more
not really, most people learn on their own hands on
like, you can go to school and take electronics courses and it will help a lot, but the people who are good at this shit spend a few years practicing before any of it gets very intuitive
well read the book

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omg homurk almost done, not even 2am
loserp3_: do you like audio
so you want to do like, microcontrollers?
for basic electronics, https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5jcnBPSPWQyaTU1OW5NbVJQNW8/edit

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damn so i redid lab software shit, got expected simulation plot
realize i dont have group members names to send them files
hopefully they can figure it out on their own =\

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brochure contains comic sans

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guys i got some crazy CGI FEA program from school
its called frac3dl
ui makes it crackish amounts of fun
wow 4 hits total on the google
it uses some casca program
its a typo in the directory name
its called franc3dl
that looks much clickier than the one i have

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heh @ 5th international tin whisker symposium

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yeah i do that a lot
bad for spaces

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i think that is tied with solder
looks like fabric insulation
they couldnt have just gotten a copper furrule and smashed it with a hammer and punch or something?

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really does look like an NA
its that big of a diff?
i guess 10c window of definite cold solder joint is not so great when people are shooting at you
honestly i dont know when i last soldered with 60/40 if ever
i always buy the 63/37 stuff, work always has the 63/37 stuff

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blackmoon: i dont think theyre on very much compared to PCs
rab: heh, what did they use before?
just lead?

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did you subtract the weight of the shit you replaced?
30 lbs seems nuts
i thought you meant about vibrating the mirrors
neat, does it have lots of manual dsp control?
crossover + parametric eq + delays
its touchy tho!
so i dunno what i end up doing with car
im fine with keeping it if the oil consumption stays the same, kind of given up at getting toyota to do the work
if i keep, i put some boomboom in it
theyve had fans for like 20 years
because chipamps

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so normal forum
can confirm, other hacker is like 65, gets his news from the yahoo
did you get a tinysub?
how do you add 30 lbs?
i know a guy worked bose automotive, get the impression that they were more serious about driver performance on that side of the company

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they probably didnt think you would be reading this like 50 years later
aw cute
cnczone doesnt like mciromills?

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i replace it because it gets dark because of the brass gibs
but it doesnt seem to affect anything
i thought some zerks were for grease
they prob have fatter springs
i bet vs voodoos on this
zerk is specifically for balls in fittings?

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oh yeah, that was probably awhile ago
yeah your link it was like 50%+ more so i figured if my stuff worked, but ya i guess not
ya thats what i did, so much vactra
why no?
vactra true story: decent size film stuck to my vertical ways, bunch of chips hit the ways, they quickly roll down fall off, vactra film thickness unaffected
its magic, it knows which is the ways and only sticks to that

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itd be interesting to research how many times significant political change was initiated by a mob surrounding a building
this seems to be a common theme in coups

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probably, tho i think at some point a threshold is exceeded, and heads start rolling
just enough that the majority get away but the public feel satisfied
yes its possible we are approaching this point
the only way it happens is if the public get really, really pissed and the politicians start fearing physical harm
i dont think they care too much about legal or political threats, because thats where they feel most comfortable
like if there are enough people they have to consider calling for tanks and shit just so they can leave a building, things change

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iceland social security is a 7.6% tax
but for fisherman, it is 8.2%
i guess they are bums
looks like free health care and 70% previous wage unemployment, no min living wage

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omg, those make you crazy plus suicidal
rab: do you know when mobil switched over the formula for vactra no2?
i have a gallon that is kind of old, front label peeled off, but back label has the bar code and some identification numbers
like maybe 6+ years old
if that works for your thing i can send you a decent size bottle, this is like a multiple lifetime supply for my machine and new vactra probably wont hurt it anyway

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thats passion, yo
do you guys have living wage or low income subsidy or what

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pm resigned in under a day? or insulating force field for fridge?

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i dont think it would need sensors as much as some sort of memory liquid
maybe like glass, but faster
damn iceland PM resigned. that didnt take long

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neat because i thought you were being sensitive about my future-now fridge door membrane

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who was mocking i wanted to make it more awesome
so like, you could do 3d color gradients
k i wont suggest more sensors to you anymore, shrug

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we could test a semi permeable grocery membrane

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how many sensors?
you should do an array
you can hang them off the bottom of the shelves or something

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