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the wash cycle man, he cuts off the vid before the comforter is done washing

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omg wtf
he doesnt even finish the cycle

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last time i got these cool pipe cleasners with little metal bristles twisted in, worked awesome
iso alc + salt + shake
works for pretty much everything
yeah see random solvents, id be afraid to put salt in them because who knows
yes so lets put them into the strongest chemicals we can find and lets see what happens
i feel like i have tried this before

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sometimes i cant get a spot cleaned on a pipe, so whatever is left has partially dissolved the cleaning solvent
iso is not the end of the world
just tastes kinda nasty
i probably inhale more when using it for first aid, just because decent excuse to inhale some
because chemicals smell neat
kevtris: yeah but not everything
some of my pieces have weird cavities inside, so pipe cleaner bends to the point where you cant get any force behind it

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oh, crazy
thatrs stuff probably isnt good to ingest
just the glass and ceramic ones, i throw away the paper ones
dont feel to good about the plastic stuff, i dont own a ton of plastic stuff tho
blackmoon: internal cavities, places that cant be completely cleaned
its a non issue on a lot of pieces
also, my guess is you can prob injest several orders of magnitude more dishwater detergent than mek
alc seems pretty safe, as far as inhalation

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