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yeah, dirty plating and bigger radii on the corners
more flash on the seams
same but different

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thats never happened to you?
because that happened to me every, fucking, time
so you actually click the box first?
your thinking of something upside down from what they intended
well yeah because when they flipped it right side up to do the mechanical drawing, it was the other way
dont they have an arrow?
or a molded 1?
ha, ive used so many knockoffs of those JST i dont remember whats on the real ones

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no its a little better in terms of functionality
the ui is a little worse
gtk file dialog is still lame enough i consider it broken
when it opens and you type to put file name, it opens a search box prob no one uses except the guy who coded it

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wormfood: '*probably, tho gimp does stroked paths...'
there i fixed that for me
and selection to path and stroke path is how i draw boxes for documentation
dunno if there is an easier way, shrug

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there is so much trash in front of my cnc
i should put these printers on the sidewalk and see what the drunken youth do to them
probably tho gimp does stroked paths, should work either one

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blackmoon: whatevers, i would be a girl in a sequin dress and topheat, in power armor
agatha dress + tophat + black rim glasses = +5 charisma
is over 10% increase in caps trading
that logo is how old?
gimp was probably pretty sad back then
it can get pretty fuckin annoying now
but you didnt know it
say thank you!

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oh damn i forgot to change after trading, took out a bunch of raiders in a sequin dress and tophat

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take $2 in alcohol, put in $2 aerosol can, sell for $15
ask timecop to do it for you
there are contractor sites
oh you want to sell

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thats her first and last?
that would be awesome
damn, looks like cars dont get smogged on the weekend in this town
fuckin mg chems

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so $40?
thats not too bad i guess, is theyre decent parts

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boat is 3-6 weeks
its not just boat, its customs too
the boat hauling ass can do it in three weeks

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