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dead_body: eh, that thing is an electronic instrument
the best parts of the vid are when they play the room sound of the machine and it just sounds like bunch of falling marbles and random sounds

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does mech bass do a slide?
looks like acrylic fret hands
so i guess not, unless flatwounds, and i might be the only person who buys flatwounds
almost done with it doesnt sound like it
yeah at the end it holds a note and lets it sustain for a bit, which is actually unique in the vid

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dead_body: did you watch the videos where the guy explains it?
is neat stuff

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okay just did it wrong
readability means more pics or transparency

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dont do that
and he maybe doesnt know to hit ratsnest and to him poured poly is just a random thing depending on luck stat

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so the answer is a stack of 30 series batteries, and a 95% efficient class d amplifier
run for a month

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second, if it ran 100W for an hour 6 times a day that would be .6kwh, no?
or 1/4 duty
in a day
oh shit it doesnt say daily
i just assumed because thats kind of what a freezer does
im guessing 1/10 to 1/3 is normal compressor duty cycle
room temp
average use, so maybe cycle half air 4 or 6 times a day
yeah thats basically my assessment with a 70% efficient inverter

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100W motor, but cycled to 0.6kWh by thermostat
huh ya i just noticed that
ha, yeah looks like i just ignored 100w in my maths
first of all i need a nap

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aerith_gx: that seems expensive
i got a little upright freezer about the same size, i think it was like $100 less
kenmore i think? dep store brand, still works my friends use it as their overflow freezer
aerith_gx: im going to assume 120VAC
so 0.6 kwh / 120v = 5Ah
so convert to 12v at 100% efficiency, and its 50Ah
so like, a day and a half assuming perfect voltage conversion
multiply that by your conversion efficiency to get actual run time
pls2chk my maths

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