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rice takin so loooong
two rice is worth less than two 5% 1/4w th resistors
macegr: omg ew

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i dunno that one was kinda cool in a wtf sort of way
yeah but it worked, right?

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he linked a video and its a hard panned voice of a condescending squeeky girl explaining how to pronounce gene haas's name incorrectly
and rosberg champagne face is a running formula 1 joke popular with the r/f1circlejerk types
tuso is an enthusiast!

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and yeah its hoss not has, hard panned girl voice is wrong

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so yeah my big questions with that are a) why cash strapped happened. b) what changes so not cash strapped again if giving money. c) what specifically is the 10k - 20k that is enough to finish the project going to be used for.
ha, tuso F1 circlejerks

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it says about doesnt have to toot his owm howm while horn tooting is happening, like literally it is in the middle of tooting
or possible towards the begnning of tooting possible it toots much much more

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because i have to manually op you because fuck knows what my bot pass is
omg unsung herro

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