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that was a job, heh
probably a high paying one, too

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abstraction is typical
in 50 years programming will be more like writing stories and painting than writing instructions
and sure it will waste a fuckton of energy, but 3 year olds will be able to do what you do now
once, punchcard pokin, dip switchin mfkrs were talkin shit about the lost stare terminal punks
right now, you are being a punchard poker
dip switcher

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my first idea was just a high speed conveyor

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fuck i took 10 minutes
thats a cutaway view

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solenoid-bolt funnel-breach
that is what i am calling this technology
yeah but im not trying to be covered in dog treat powder
plus the ballistics will go to shit if youre firing dirt
is it single action?
i was assuming semi or full auto
if its single action, yeah no problem
i think the hopper would be pretty easy actually
just have like a rotating scoop
like a rocket pop shaped scoop
that drops maybe half a dozen treats in front of the bolt
bolt has a slight downward angle to the face, away from the feed slot
spin rocket pop, cycle solenoid bolt
full auto dog treat gun, minimal spread
im doing some shit in solidworks gimme 7 minutes

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so i dunno if you guys are making the chopping paintballs and chopping dog treats connection
i bet it make an awesome sound
hahaha omg @ lawsuit because dog treat shrapnel took someones eye out
munki: so basically the whole point of a paintball marker (gun) is to cycle as fast as possible without chopping balls in the breach
the main engineering challenge in a dog treat launcher would be not chopping dog treats
so two approaches, very high tolerances with a dog treat specific breach
like, would only work (sometimes) with a certain type of dog treat
or, something with crazy loose tolerances
like, basically a funnel with a solenoid in the bottom, and try and design so most of the dog treats that arent launched far fall back into the bowl-breach

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its soap
so ya, dont feed your dog soap
color aside
eh itd be easier to just automate
battery, solenoid, momentary switch, done

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macgyver0: i dont has tablet tiles
win10 is pretty much like win 7 is pretty much like xp

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rab: but solitaire and minesweeper were cool?
they probably just replaced the default image

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or just not use the shit and not worry about it breaking things you may need to use at some point
default windows installs are usually okay, its OEM installs that are fucked
pretty much ships broken

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ya i dunno i turned off all the live tile shit so it just never shows up

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because you can hit windows key and just type and most of the time just hit enter after?

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guys, i like windows 10
i mean, does microsoft only try on every other major release for some marketing reason?
i did not use much, by default i was not happy
well, as default
win 10 default setup is like, win 7 + bit more functionality
and i kinda like a lot of the new ui stuff
haha, they fucked up start programs menu enough that i actually use the search now and its actually a lot faster
like, up arror returns to explorer
thats better than windows 7
thats a big deal, yo

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