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blackmoon: dues ex is that shit from like 15 years ago, no?
ha, yeah june 2000

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ha they did a neural max payne

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because boat

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omg almost time

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im out of breakfast tacos =(
like .6mm space/trace?
thats better than what i'd want to do with a mill

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oh weird

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rab: why? and have you ever had very light roast brewed extremely dark
heh, i ask because most people who try stuff ive roasted is like 'this is coffee? this is great'
that sucks
stopping coffee helped or eliminated?

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best description of this coffee is dark chocolate and charcoal
it was probably decent single origin brew and youre used to hipster brew (burnt), small mamal poo aside

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you can get expensive coffee that isnt coated in civet poo
im used to single origin coffee that tastes good when very lightly roasted
so basically i like the best coffee =\
honestly its usually not that much more expensive, but its more expensive, like 1.5x to 4x
compared to grocery store coffee
ya i kind of have the same problem with tea now
its synth's fault

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this generic WinCo brand ground coffee is not so bad
i guess

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wat sploded?

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