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$1.73 for that is pretty awesome, even if you have to derate the relays
also cheap enough you can burn one or two up testing, which i would recommend
because they make tens of thousands and prob got the relays surplus or they were just leftovers from a production run
like, when you make 100k of something, you buy extra, and most likely at the end you have a bin of free parts
your client doesnt give a shit because its part of the 10% wastage line item
i mean, consider how many of those relays are made for power supply inputs
there are likely forgetten crates of them all over the place

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a lot of solid state relay are triacs or SCR and are picky about the switched voltage
i dont like that theyre called relays at all
haha, its an opto, a transistor, and a relay per channel
so it might be doing exactly what i suggested
oh shit i think that relay brand has happened to me before
used in automatic input voltage switching and inrush limiting for a switch mode psu
well, i think maybe one failed
but i dont remember it being its fault
one of the relays we had didnt like the vibrations from the subwoofer
so maybe that one, shrug
it was connected to shit that was failing so the relay burning up doesnt mean the relay was bad
the vast majority of them worked fine

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i guess all my cats were feral
i mean i dunno there were just homeless cats
prob their mom was normal cat and then owners moved away or were mean
opto detector drives a coil?
darlington style i would assume
right, how?
like, basically you would have a led onto an optical transistor which is across the same voltage as the relay
but since the optical transistor prob cant pull current for shit, my guess is there would be another transistor in between
which is kinda neat

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i was making a kitten joke
it wasnt a very good joke
if you find a kitten less than 6 weeks you should find its mommy cat and give it back
why because the mom cat will be like fuck you?
i mean, you shouldnt really be ganking feral cats in the first place...
you think the mom cat will follow you home?
omg you are going to kill the kitan
champi0n: yes but they are not one thing

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is at least 6 weeks old?

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oh, no hes not consistent

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omfg, lab grading server says im wrong because i didnt put extra space in cout
oh shit its just after periods
this teacher old school
its a he
girl teachers who arent idiots are neat

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its blue suede
well, cyan

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nice, talk to guy about driving his little startup's cnc tomorrow
hes a meetings at 9am kind of guy =\

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google cleaning suede, most answers are like, do this so suede doesnt get dirty
this place says use non pink eraser

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oh that one came out good
prob an absolute val somewhere

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i feel like i could produce credible house music, and as such, it is not very good
sculptor: no
that page is kinda neat i guess

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i killed the germs with windex
i already did that
sculptor: sounds like ambient
they were pretty clean, shrug
the remote works
sculptor: ew first link is teh deep hauwz

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found some samsung ear buds on the sidewalk, cleaned em up, work
tasteful amounts of bass
no me gusta

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naw i think shes a winner, the other cup has these three circles on the unglazed bottom and is abnormally clean
like the chunk made her upset so she raised them off the shelf after
chunk one also has random blob of bubbled up glaze on the bottom, i should have asked for $3 off
i mean on the bottom inside

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yes i know my statement wasnt literal
hopw do you know it doesnt have arms
how do you know when i says silicon nitride i mean the ball in the video
maybe i mean an arm shaped hammer
electrons move against the flow of current. current is the flow of nothing.
man im broke but ceramics department did a sale and i spent $38
i saved $2 because i made fun of a girls cup because it had a random chunk of glaze on the bottom that made it wobble which affects functionality and cosmetics

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omg very ng
also silicon nitride sounds like something that could beat up a diamond

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