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powertoy calc was bestcalc
wolfram alpha is pretty good
yeah for a lot of stuff it is
but it does way more
your shit isnt going to give me step by step results on some fucked up integral
anyway thats my point, wolfram alpha does more

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oh, thats what programmer mode does?
blackmoon: omgwtf at this binary input shit

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once, in the win2k era of things, i noticed a blank spot in my systray, and when i right clicked on it, it popped up a mic menu
it was this single window stripped mirc client with some sort of xdcc server running
the blank systray icon was the coolest part tho
yeah my guess is it just shared c:
maybe it made a list
macegr_: maybe in case the creator infected himself
and rab is probably correct
also, macegr_'s question is kind of like when people go 'thats crazy why would the criminal do that that makes no sense'
like people on drugs have to make sense

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aw cute it comes with an irc trojan

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timecop: messed up, that seems like two projects not one

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i dont remember which were good anymore
i think your eee has an atom
mine has a celery =\

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shrug, i watched movies at school and on planes with it
almost, they literally scaled up the design like 15%
like side by side, they still look pretty much same size
dual core atom, or multiple atoms?

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macegr_: do you have the 1024x600 one or the 800x480 one?
ha, mines crappier
yeah they scaled the design up and resized ports
they did have a thick bezel
speakers on both sides, but it was still smaller overall

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01:11 < macegr_> my worst computer is now a 7" eeepc, that's probably shitty enough
mines keyboard broke =(
ya probably

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