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i grew a scope

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abernathy farm is closest to red rocket, turning it into a glue factory
they already do tatos and i got the corn and muttfruit to plant from the robot farm
i guess because people?

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i keep everything at red rocket
hmm maybe not because i cant grow there without settlers
i pimp sanctuary for glue plants i guess
i dont want people there!
ya so ill grow stuff in sanctuary
oh no i guess im dumb i need things to grow things
like, need a corn to grow a corn
i sold all my corns
theyre radioactive

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its limited and required for almost all mods
i just started im like level 9
im gonna make me some vegetable starch
yeah i do laps back to my stop everytime my inventory fills
yeah im not fuckin with that shit
oh he just makes you build more shit?
that kind of makes sense
its neat because it showed me how to do some of that shit
but yeah doesnt seem like fun to just do that
wtf sims
ya and i guess if settlements get raided your crafting inventory can get stolen
thats not cool

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fuck i need adhesive
fuck i gotta grow that shit
i gotta grow shit to make a scope for my gun

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for what thing

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<3 mr elliot

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doing research

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