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macegr_: wait does that even work
like, if actually try, which they didnt seem to do
why it just doesnt work
ya maybe wtf

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like, put traces how you would bend leads and solder wires and bridge pads to make connections
reworking perfboard can be drama
oh thats pretty cool
layout editor, you can do schematic capture and make the program tell you when everythings done, connected
which is useful for more complicated stuff
but ya however you do it, plan the shit out before soldering all the parts

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they had a lot of returns on an item and they figured out it wasnt making them money
but the vendor still wants them to distrubute for them, because digikey
define protoboard
like a solderless breadboard?
like pad per hole perfboard? unclad perf?
thru whole plated perf?
it can be, ya
i would suggest putting a dab of hot glue over any solder to wire joints, and making sure the wires are tacked down
hot glue works for that
mrgoose: i would suggest using a layout editor to plan the build

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carbide endmills?
or dremel cutting wheels
probably should have used better ventillation
probably shouldnt have cut PCB in my bedroom almost daily for years, either
lot of FR4 dust in the air
solder is probably okay its all the flux
doesnt get hot enough to boil the lead

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etching was too much of an art process for my liking

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mrgoose: cutting with conical and pyramid engraving tools
works down to .008" space trace
shrug, its just machining
its mostly about setup and tool conservation

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so $.20 i guess

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blackmoon: no i left out the sugar
which was $.01/bar
tekrad: school, broke, pretty good tho
this semester gonna be medium light so i have fallout 4 and project cars time
er, too much enter
joellama: eggsalad doesnt do anything
super dark
and minty, mint flavor was $.02
i dont remember
labot was like $.12

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tekrad: omghi
omfg i got a B instead of an A on my engineering econ exam because my candy bar was $.34 instead of $.35
which ended up being like $3k of profit but whatever, i got a B because penny
3% penny

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every channel on IRC is logged
absolutely no reason to assume otherwise

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shrug, too many girls
pls to /msg

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i get rice papers, most brands are .001"
i would worry about breaking solder joints with the package floated, but it's prob not an issues unless youre making like 100+ and selling to customers
like, some andre the giant mfkr will press the shit too hard 1000 times

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mrgoose: glue something 2mm thick on top?
a 2mm drop of epoxy or hot glue probably works

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