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oh wow, lab manual and her report format have two different grading scales

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wow, its like the lecture professors wrote these cool little labs, just answer the questions and show your calculations
and then grad student lab professor girl is like, DO LAB REPORTS LIKE THIS INSTEAD
wants like, snaps of displays for reporting results
all equipment settings
like, DC resistor labs
fucked up shit, she didnt tell us we needed the model number of the equipment, the settings
i think this is the lab instructor who was shorting out people labs and yelling at people for asking for help
hours on this bullshit
her generic bullshit report format doesnt match the lab manual, this is annoying as fuck

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wow, lab instructor decided we have to do full blown reports, the lab manual says JUST TURN THIS IN AS YOUR REPORT!
i have to form a conclusion about 4 resistors in series
macegr: switchcraft is evil
macegr: use parts express or mouser or something

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