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video settings set to ultra quality
fuck ya

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you paid some british junkie for his windows 10 key
where did you get your image
okay thats probably not very hard to do
but this is working
but now i have windows 7
i dont want to learn things i want to failout4
i havent played gta since san adreas
and that was mostly cool because you could drive around in a little blue crx
basically i could play in me mode

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unf, 5mb/s
this flash is not very good at random little files
wtf is wet.dll
holy shit it worked
asus failed me today timecop
strange times

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i guess because has to extract wim file copy shit put back together them copy to slow as fuck flash drive
i dont want to pay for that shit
i just paid for windows 7
omg writing data to usb storage
im surprised this shit doesnt have some chiptune shit running in the background

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im going to laugh if it takes asrock script kiddy windows patch to get windows 7 running on this asus board
fuck this is taking forever

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ham: its hard to know how without knowing how it is used in the cicuit
the safe way is to remove it and put voltage across the coil and check for open/closed contacts
wtf thats some crazy shit

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holy fuck i gotta get my usb audio interface working, this singing is fucked

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okay so the other asus method is to slip some unattended install files into a windows 7 iso
hope these 10 year old DVDR still work...

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that didnt work
like, it boots from the usb cd
but then its like, yo i need drivers for this cd/dvd drive
because windows 7 doesnt have usb drivers for this chipset
yeah i dont even think its the raid
ya no
i dont want to softraid
and thats not the issue, it cant even load drivers from a cd
the only thing i have access to is the old system partition
so i could lunix livecd the drivers files onto that
but jezus fuck
also neighbor is singing wtf

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ya tried to load raid drivers from usb and its not in the list
wtf i am burning a cd

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you need to clean up all of it
you cant have flux contaminated water on the board
most likely its not a problem, but it wouldnt be strange if it did cause one
fuckit im going to assume its a raid thing and everyone else is just dumb at usb boot

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catbyte: windows installers loads, gets to GUI, throws a driver dialog
so its not like usb doesnt totally work
dont hit the relays with solvents
iso is safe

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its probably not rust, might be flux
looks like something got hot
man this is fucked i dont want to buy a sata optical drive
its 2016 i shouldnt need an optical drive
read up

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and im out of weed

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jezus mfkr bitch
i dunno if installer driver issue is usb3 (common on z170) or raid related (not seeing this on the internets)
also eheheh @ asus gaming bios
so i tried to use asus ez installer, didnt work, just loads grub from the ssd i want to format
but they have another ez installer download, on the same page, not called ez installer, which says "Use this tool to create a Windows 7 installation file with USB 3.0 drivers preloaded for 100 series motherboards.
and is a different size, like 4MB bigger, but is uploaded 3 days earlier
installing from usb dvd popped up the feed me drivers dialog

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k rebuilding box, wish lucks, bbl

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w00t, opeb box mobo shipped with io backplate AND 4 sata cables

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instructor didnt know european box resistor so he says i should use zags on homework
he says its okay to use cell symbols for voltage sources, but that he cant gaurantee grader will know what it is

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class work portal not working
web page says list.appendChild is not a function
that cant be good
semester cancelled
nm it fixed
only buy cars that are loved
kastein_: the other issue is a lot of the front end parts and engine bay parts are custom for ix
so even if theyre not fucked up expensive, sometimes you cant get them
also its hard to test if the ix system works right without jacking up the car

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rab: i would still consider it a problem caused by lowering the car if nothing else can be found
someone in #cars is selling an AWD 80s bmw 3 series
want to buy, but a friend who owned one and loves the shit out of them told me not too =(
doubt it, he has a mazdaspeed 3
and i think he got sick of sourcing the rare parts for it
however, that is how he learned how to source parts, which is what he does for vintage cars for work now
a lot of it isnt =\
motorcycle tech is a lot slower to change, tho
theres a lot of aftermarket for popular old cars, tho

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rab: so he kept driving the nose over parking stops?
sway bar mounts are usually on the bottom of the frame by the front bumper
considering that designing a clamp to hold a bar is pretty straight forward, and ive not heard of this issue before, my guess is they were ripped off by parking stops
a) what idiot lowers a bmw, fucking the suspension geometry
b) who buys it after thinking its a good thing and not an abused bmw?
rab: like, sway bar mounts are very possibly the low point on the car

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oh, dual 30V
maybe so it doesnt pop
because theyre chinese and 30V is really just a guess
guys BMW are pretty neat cars if you like to drive cars
handsome=guys, cute=girls, shrug

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actually, maybe it does work for those an i am just not willing to accept that
because girls should think first gen NSX and formula 1 cars are sexy
why does that shit have two PFETs in series

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i think youre totally dismissing shallow girls with no souls
in any case, cars are my favoritre animal at the zoo, and im not sure i see them as gendered
or really their genders seems to be a convenience
like, a last gen prelude and acura nsx are handsome cars
a ferrari 246gt is a sexy car
a lamborghini muira is a sexy car
a porsche 914 is a handsome car
i think handsome might be my label for 'girls might not understand that you are beautiful but i understand'
but that definition doesnt really work when considering the acura nsx (original) or an F1 car

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its like, hard=orange,medium=white,soft=yellow,supersoft=red,ultrasoft=purple(new),green=intermediates,blue=wets
pruple was voted on by fans
pink anbd black were other options, theyre running out of colors
i think grey was also an option
i dont mine the p[urple, its different enough from red and blue
cars are designed to appeal to girls
BMW and mercedes are perfect examples
because you drive expensive cars because BMW=BoughtMyWife or because you want girls to like you

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it just turns into a linkto a local dir?
jeez wtf is wrong with going to Frys or Staples and just buying flash shit is fucked up cheap
renault is back, but crashtor is gone
blackmoon: ultra soft
tire compounds are color coded

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