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its got a text config file
shrug, china
meh, school

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why dpes a soldering iron need to be a usb flash
firmware updates?
i mean besides the obvious spread the keylogger objectives
wtf bitch, i want the profile to be as close to now as possible
fuck changing it
im not trying to do banggood r&d

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wait how did my nicks unbackwards

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the shipper isnt just charging for weight
its overhead
so its like almost everything else in the real world, its proportional + offset
if you dont control varying factors, shit is just offset

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timecop: i dunno, maybe catbyte been with a little titty giant areola chick
dunno wtf is going on with the_gfr's tits
wtf boob spacer

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i have all parts except mobo
this wont work
ha looks like keyboard gets here today too

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