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customer service chat asked if they could put me on hold
its a chat
just ask me to wait or idle or something

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mostly it seems like companies get it and use one or two features in a very specific way
like, a lot of times it comes down to a sortable messaging program
well i meanthat seems to be the common thing
oh thats cool
heh, c++ instructor uses google docs, its funny watching 40 kids editing a spreadsheet at once
like, bitch you edited my box YOU EDITED MY BOX MFKR

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right so after all that work, if you want to go commercial, you need a sustaining team
okay well if its just an internal thing, shrug
macegr: thats prob a bad idea when you have like, three clients
thats diff, if you think you can save money like that cool
right but you have to factor in development time vs just buying something
yeah a lot of small medium company sized db software seems shady
like the people selling the shit dont use software

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also do you want to be doing customer service?
because its going to be 80% of the work
like any software company building one size fits all software
you life will be random companies corner cases
and this constant repetitive "arena does that" " sap does that" "omnify does that" "macola does that" whenever you try and convince them to do it the way you thought they should
modular kind of reinforces that?
anyway, you have to do it cheap with lot of features and make it easy
if software project management does sound like fun to you, i would abort
otherwise, sincerely, good luck
theres $$$ there but its kind of a buyers market
yeah but to make money it becomes project management
youre going to be doing bug fixes and feature requests
as soon as it drops

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because it handles logistics for companies that have thousands of employees and hundreds of SKUs comprising of thousands to millions of parts
i think it can do product life management too
basically structured db development is about dealing with everyones corner case
and somehow adding mad features without destroying the ui
the_gfr|h: can yours track part rev
and attach associated documents
and track their rev
ya man
macegr: its how you get the big VC interested
it means they can lego block your company into their conglomerate
well if everyone spent a year and 50 people setting up lkike youre supposed to...
i saw it done in six weeks
was pretty silly
macola isnt sexy now i guess
the_gfr|h: there are literal megacorps who do what you are saying

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the_gfr|h: you want to make db software?
good luck in hell.
took accounting like a week to scale the fucking logo header correctly when they switched to sap
its very good
it takes a department to setup and maintain

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i bet that shit tests all over the map
for a teenagers rc motor
3 year old rc motor is like, 200 hours and its trash

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wtf chegg sent me tide detergent pods
sweetwater, pcb sending candy and popcorn and pizza gift certs
these guys send soap
wonder how many of these have exploded onto books

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