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zoos weird me out

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ha yes
shit mostly worked

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avr is super free that was the big awesome there
the ide worked very well, including simulation, programmer was like nothing cheap
for someone who doesnt want to learn embedded or optimize performance arduino is great
macegr: thats not a thing?
im thinking like, console based like ps4 and xbox
remember that game bust a move?
same shit but with code blocks
can also do tetris and dr mario
right lets blow this shit out, get the 3 year olds in on it

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omg just says a thing already
ive never really used a 555
like i think we did a lab that i finished in 5 minutes, this was 10+ years ago
macegr: what if you want to change the time without soldering and your boss has bant pots
right im saying there isnt much it can do i wouldnt do with a micro
right as opposed to a 555
a lot of stuff people do with 555 ive done with inverters and some feedback

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02:23 < champi0n> is it compatible with arduino IDE
im not sure, but i think the point is to use a real embedded IDE for stm32 with arduino shield compatible hardware
also ya this isnt the best place to get arduino help
i dunno man
in general this channelis about component elevel electronics and embedded technology
arduino is a bit to easy bake oven, quite a few people in here coded AVR before arduino was a thing
in that context, arduino IDE is like, very silly RTAI

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daaamn, wit de permbant
heater on ac/heater unit seems to work randomly
cool works consistently

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maybe just for temp stability

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they dont frak there?
looks like you get earthquakes eventually
haha i missed that
dont hear it
hiphop vid upload site
timecop: i dont hear it
i hear the guy who i would expect to say it but i dont hear him say it

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thats a problem
everything built 50+ years ago was built to last 50 years
we got problems
we were supposed to be commuting to the moon by now no on thought making bridges would still be an issue
macegr: wai

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hes gonna make apple build everything here
i guess his plan is to bankrupt apple
cnc: that was a trend 10 years ago, now its just a normal job

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no you said what if
making them non facts
macegr noted that they are indeed facts
and are already the case
and theyre still getting more expensive
they have more rights now than before
obviously they have some rights
prob as much as during our industrial revolution
when we were choppinbg kids up in machines
china will cost more and manufacturing will slowly come back
we exported our pollution

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