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in certain cases its less
sometimes it gets converted into photons or magnetic force
but yeah even in those cases it mostly goes up as heat

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they make things there, so engineers go there
depends on the place

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holy mfkr bitch
my oven lamp is burnt out
rab: no i dont think so
i think its pronounced guwong
least thats how the engineers who get shipped there say it

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well a lot of them already know im a ringer
theres an hour before lab, maybe i can finish 2nd lab too
omg all the labs already posted
haha @ knocking this shit out in a weekend
moar fun than tis-100

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sculptor: ive been using vim for more than 10 years
like, there was a period in school where i would accidentally :wq the end of word .docs
no hmm like, i wonder if it is bad to turn in the first lab assignment before attending the first lab
why they can do the same thing

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litecoin survives?

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k now there is a ninendo connected
also butan and ir things
nice, vim is the official editor of my c++ class
i might like this one
i have to login to the shell and put my name into a txt file with vim and submi to a homework eval server
wtf, windows terminal program prof suggested has some penguin lemming screensaver shit
i dont think vim is that many
vi probably

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this things keeps getting bigger
have you measured idle current draw?
yeah doesnt seem high enough to drop a cheapo supply out
it sounds like maybe just bad usb connections
if its happening every few days and randomly
yeah cheap shit is cheap
like 700uA? 7mA?
either way its not enough to drop out a usb supply
no like power supply doodad

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that could be how your interupts are setup (or not setup)
i didnt know usb comm was happening
i just thought power, this is getting all complicated
it could have been some interference, RF pulses
wiggle it
vreg is for otherchip?

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10% ones, and a higher value or pair of 4.7uF
but in general if you dont know a cap is, assuming -20/+80 is safe, thats what a lot of the cheap ones are
you should try and fix the brownouts
blackmoon: mean
wonder if a ptc is fast enough
i kind of assume thats a problem, hence big caps

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macegr: i dunno pic architecture didnt piss me off, documentation of it did
damn you beat me
you rabbed
they want 4.7uF in a -20/+80% world
i didnt make that up btw

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neat, school has a lunix server to do my homeworks that i can ssh into, i dont have to see if the linux partition on my laptop still exists
not very neat, had to make account on some sort of software career networking site because i guess using discussion forum
fuckin softies
also i have to make a video with my group about our superpowers atan off campus location
i guess intro to programming here includes learning how to make frens

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ya this was biggest diff between avr and pic i think

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