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svh: that last one is done with forms?
seems like a lot of work compared to cinderblock with rebar

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00:50 < svh> gigs working on helicopters? sounds niche
every medium sized town probably has one for police or fire
any place remotely urban will probably have dozens, and my guess is most have hundreds
heli tech cant be that niche
i guess job market depends on how many of those guys come out of the military and still want to do it

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no interest in crazy civil engineering shit like that, heh
the guys taking civil eng right now prob the smart ones
EE and even programming prob gonna saturate, but were pretty close to the rebuild or fail point with a lot of infrastructure
i would mind some land
er woouldnt
if youre not working another engineer of the same type thats pretty reasonable

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lots of stuff bumped off foundations in the 94 quake
theyre crazy strong for their weight
bugs cant fuck with it, the right metal should last long time in bad weather

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its possible synthetic wood has replaced it, doesnt seem to have caught on
i just cant think of many things where standard manufacturing would work as well
like those 3d printed brackets are already done in stamped steel, i dont know of any major issues with those
yeah some of it is glass or fiber composite, injection molded
i think theres something with ceramic, i think the selling points are being fireproof and stable
i cant imagine its lighter than wood
they have stuff at lowes and home depot now
heh, socal nothing really settles long term

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not those dude
future houses will prob be light steel beams or box sections
no just hollow or insulation filled
old tech, been around since at least the 80s
3d printed structures?
theyre just used like lumber
like the box sections are 2x4 sized
i think you screw into them

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svh: agree with all those comments
as a jig to align for fastening to other wood elements, cool
as a load bearing member of furniture or structure, ha fuck that, no
i wouldnt even trust those things if they were injection molded

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