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with shit like that i just assume a thing happened, and after testing 10 things, thats what sucked least
lots of engineering: oh fuck it didnt work. we dont have enough time or money to start over. i dont want to be homeless...'
this is when we shine
test all the things you know wont work so when they ask you say ya bitch no we did it youre wrong'
this is why we test guys have so many friends
that statement was both sarcastic, and not at all

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eck0: side by side?
like two on each side, smaller than normal?

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blackmoon: dont question italians about drivetrains
blackmoon: thats same with car
manual transmissions are class-d amps and smps
slew rate is what kills you
eck0: wow that is like art pretty

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maybe cheap tooling, tho
heh neat

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the ones that bolt to engine covers seem like a bad idea
like, lets smash me engine to save my fairing
oh i thought you meant like the engine itself
plastic onto a motor seems dumb
you can see toolmarks in it
how this is the slider?
ya its neat, not some cast crap

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so if the grom headlamp assembly looked more like that id be happier
omg zoom
wow motor like hangs off the frame
blackmoon: yeah it like lifts tha casters so the powered wheel has less grip
yeah but doesnt frame usually kind of wrap around?
guess so
lot of stunt bikes in LA
either with pegs or little cages

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holy fuck the big one aint cheap
can definitely make that cheaper
okay i go to beach before rains again bbl
swingarm and exhaust especially

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right could prob just get something that i like
seems like there is a market for a slightly bigger one
like they did with the ruckus
have you seen those drift carts?
with the casters?
that shit looks fun
its an electric motor mounted to a wheel that can be turned 360, and some casters

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be nice if it was a little less ugly
its just kind of bugeye goofy looking
i dont mind the half fairing but it doesnt look great, but the headlamp assembly makes it look goofy
it is goofy, tho, shrug

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okay so its lower tho
i didnt say how to make it lower
and thats still gonna make pegs scrape
sure but it is, the s vs the sm
sm vs s
omg smash all the trees
cmon you walked into that one
are groms cheap yet?
hmm looks like not so much
right but prob not $2000 cheap
yeah because so popular

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replace tires with street things
lower suspension
biggest thing i would get is an sv650s
most supermotos are lowered?
right so its usually somewhere in between no
eck0: is not a track bike?
sm is an inch shorter
vs drz400s

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yeah supermoto are crazy light, still like 300lbs
what happened to your drz400?
eck0: have you seen honda nm4?
does it looks goofy or awesome in person?
i wouldnt want it but its neat
its akira bike
touring bikes seem kinda girly
like these are bikes you rent with your family
ya i says it
no i like the other buelle
with the fairing

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yeah man im not trying to shop like, every other day
a miata is more useful than a motorcycle
school is 10min
groceries is prob 5 miles
eck0: are buelles bad?
yeah but one of them is looks sexy
eck0: honda nm4

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its probably already in the rules that you cant do that
thats almost more mean than shooting driver because then he can cry about it
boobs are standard install at the xmas tree, no?
dude theyre drag racers
they kind of make asatronauts look like pussies
i dunno i kind of think drag racing is gay
i like cars that go fast *and* turn
kinda want
cannot afford
extra and not useful!
i want a supermoto or small sportbike
dude you cant even go for groceries
my cummute is a 10min walk
heh, cummute

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macegr_: no way too heavy
you see how slow rockets start out?
kid could outrun them first few seconds
using rocket exhaust is cheating honestly
because not all to the wheels, not racecar
go play by yourself at the salt lake with that shit
eck0: digital would probably fuckup too much
blackmoon: haha yeah i was going to say only if you pump as much forward as back
eck0: digital sequenced stuff will always almost have latency that mechanical systems with high tolerances wont
i mean, a good digital system today could probably hack it, but fuck debugging a system like that
blackmoon: its cars everything is like 20 years dated, shrug
macegr_: mean

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macegr_: so youre agreeing they suck
blackmoon: they probably mean tire rotations
and im just guessing i didnt math it, but the gearing probably happens in the diff
blackmoon: theyre probably doing quarter miles in a few seconds
macegr_: you have to cycle the propellant continuously
plus the explosion would probably be localized and may lead to pits
finely powdering may help
but fine powder plus lubricant is bad voodoo
blasting rocket gas into some sort of two stroke style setup might work
macegr_: in that case, cycle about 100 times more powdered material than i was thinking
i think turbine is more, no?
if air is dense enough to e pulled in

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i think some of them fuse
no other cars sound like that on a track,, even most drag cars
The discs get so hot that at least two of them are welded together by the run's end.
* With 3000 CFM of air being rammed in by the supercharger on overdrive, the fuel mixture is compressed into a near-solid form before ignition. Cylinders run on the verge of hydraulic lock at full throttle.
oh you beat me
because they have to turn
because gunpowder prob isnt that great compared to nitromethane
also gases are easier to remove than powders

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newhome definitely wins at local racetracks
i dont think top fuel even shifts
so its just an engine going nuts at high revs the whole time while clutches fuse together
eck0: yeah but hes probably right, drag strip prob way louder than circuit tracks and definitely most dirt tracks
i think the clutch plates are just consumable, its not a big deal because they have to rip apart the engines between runs anyway
not that close but close enough to feel it in my chest
yeah definitely not that close
A five-disc dry clutch is the only link between the engine and the locked rear end—there's no transmission. "The clutch is the lifeline of the car," Oberhofer says, because it regulates wheelspin by gradually engaging and slipping as the car moves down the track.

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you kind of do
cold too
smashbox tranny
^ automotive term
i think thats all thats left in LA besides couple dirt tracks

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thats makese sense you dont die sticking you arm out the window of a car
right this is like those ram air scoops on the 90s camarobirds
they were supposed to do anything at all until like 70mph or something
arent nacas supposed to be as close to transparent as possible vs no duct?
whats d
scoop depth or something?
oh maybe, i figured maybe it was going for volum
area * depth, seen it like that

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thats prob like $1500 in arduininess
yes in a lab
well the other ones would just work harder!
im just thinking like physical obstructions or air backwashing into the system somehow
like if you banked into a corner or something
no im saying you push into them backwards
so like somehow majority of fans get redirected into one corner of fans
unless they desynced funny and kinda bobbled for a moment

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yeah i just meant like, avoiding asshole who went through a stop sign, everybody at 5mph
i see hoverboard slowly smashing sideways into car
undefined until court decides probably
if 6" above ground is in airspace im laughing
cant even get above a fence
we were supposed to put permanent magnets in all the roads
arduino per fan?

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i think within 10 years they will be wearing g shits in banked oval racing
probably happens sometimes in endurance racing
haha ya rly
22:08 < THE_GFR|W> with enough G forces SLPLAT
McLaren worked with Pirelli on specific P Zero Corsa tires able to handle the intense downforce and a claimed 2.0-plus-g lateral-grip peak.
so yeah currently exotics are at 2g lateral
it doesnt work much at low speed
its a road car
its probably the active hydraulic suspension
thats proably like a 50s family car
i dont remember seeing it fly

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oh cmon they gotta be bigass torquey motors with some sort of feedback
haha @ leaning into a turn and stalling out fans =(
sports cars have been above 0.9 lateral g since the 90s
economy cars regularly get above 0.8 g
race cars do like, 2-3 g braking, and crazy shit like 7g braking
i meant 2-3 in turns
well theyre starting to
in oval track racing
because its sustained and towards their feet
road and street racing usually doesnt bank the turns much or at all, so oits all lateral g
but during braking, they get like 5g+ and they drive lying down, in F1 theyre flat
so in braking blood to your feet but its momentary

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you there?
CES is why i have today off
oh good they didnt arrest coworkers
i thought maybe for alcohol or weapons across state line
yes moon everyone has noted
theyre not going to stop
and real hoverboards wont happen now
yeah saw that
looked scary!
someones already lost fingers
just needs a mesh over the top
yeah youre not going to be able to hear shit, youre hoping other people hear you
because its not like you can really turn
20ft radius turn with a 45 degree lean at like 4mph

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blackmoon: thats acceptably mean
he gets cool grandma emails

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timecop: i was waiting for a 2nd scene where they pop out
or all the guards turning around to chase
kind of funny tho
that would be mean

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hes doing cartwheels with a kid on his back
oh nice, thats not what loaded
fuck photobucket
yuou know honestly it was probably safer like that than her getting over the jump with the bike
bike would have destroyed her landing
*destroyed her well landing

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yeah theyve always been
that almost looks like bernie ecclestone
i stopped paying attention

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<@Rab> timecop, I admit I blinked LED on STM32F4 with 100% open-sores toolchain, and promptly forgot about it.
i kind of did the same shit, i probably shouldnt have used keil first
timecop: embedded course at school uses stm32f3 and keil
hoping i can get some sort of license out of that
will look into that
is st paying you yet for trolling on their behalf?

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