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psi: for bulk capacitance?
for 0.1uF type stuff, for bulk capc on amps and psu outputs, but other than that big capc at every ic is kind of overkill

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dead_body: if theyre for HF reject, you basically wantthem at the pins
if its for power supply hold up, you want them close or you want the traces fat or you will get sag from the trace resistance
depends on current, copper thickness, acceptable sag
as big as you can fit is not a bad rule of thumb

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it was .1% jitter
at best its only an order of magnitude better
lightyears in your universe are tiny things, timecop
meh, gotta do laundry
then drive 900 miles
i got new wiper blades tho, thats pretty neat
haha that shit went all atom?

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ya kinda
like i want to know more
like maybe he has gone on to design cars or energy grids or something

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im almost afraid to click

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haha wat
i dunno automative shit can be pretty dinosaur
i think its cheap and easy, shrug
pretty sure ive seen brushed DC things on some kit

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and yeah definitely wouldnt work for the long trips i do, i kind of just want something for like public track day
if i wanted to do random engine swap, had all that time and money, chebby v8 into a porsche 914
right thats why i think it would be fun
like, i want to be able to control throttle mappings and engine braking at least
do it excitebike style, big go button on the steering wheel and a giant red temperature bar

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like at some point the batteries are going to be more available and conversions will probably be a pretty common thing
but yeah, pricing motors and controllers, looks like it would end up being like 10-20k to do some really fun thats built clean

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like, simplest practical thing seems like big motor on miata transmission and rear, and limiting torque in low gears or something
right just seems like a cool project and maybe something that happens more soon

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im not sure because maybe doesnt even need transmission
like, id want one because like, racecar, but with enough motor im not sure it would matter and would save decent amount of weight
yeah i think initially thats what im going for

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if i had money to buy a new NSX, id still buy an old one
to me thats a pretty big failure
supposedly it is crazy cheap to own for an exotic
i think i want to do an electric miata
FD is expensive
FD and NSX are like my 90s crushes
miata is available
and potentially it could be turned into a race series which means $$$
electric spec miata would be neat!

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its a neat car, i guess, but it has nothing to do with the NSX
super electronic, torque vectoring via power instead of brakes, zero steering feedback

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yeah but down symdrome chick is going to fuck it up as much as china farmgirl
2.8s to 60 version?
ive not but honestly thats not surprising for a full electric car
they have the torque for the start if they have enough to keep it at cruising speeds
just need enough tire really
dunno, this aint racing its about tech
gimme traction control and active suspension please
have you seen the new NSX?
i think they fucked it up completely

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catbyte: dude were there for a lab we dont have time to fuck with settings
like i watched a whole class get total shit results on some acquisition, i go into the settings and change shit from 10hz to 100hz sampling and my shit is beautiful
it just doesnt occur to most students
IT and the techs who setup the labs are different people
which is good and bad
hey GM is cool
corvette is like americas only attempt at making an actual sports car
fuck a pony car took almost 50 years for the mustang to turn into something good

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man my school had the stupid tiny rollerball mouse that you cant pick up because it has buttons on the side
for a DAQ pc
so much rage
products like that, and the 'you're holding it wrong' shit, are why i will not give them money

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the_gfr|w: takes windows to make computers
in some cases, im guessing there are linux boxes involved, kind of doubt osx is necessary at all

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