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hes not a good sales person

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cnc machined
i has to look sex
i cant get balls with holes

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and then harden them
and if i want a projection out of the ball end, i prob just have it made from bar stock, no?
i cant just like, interference fit and red heat the ball
student i guess
i do same work shit on breaks as before, so far at least
still am
i could just have it cana machined?

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because instead of accepting that and using it to maintain long term, we decided we were special
literally just better humans
in the 80s this was way strong, it tapered in the 90s
instead of accepting that our dominance was the result of wealth gained from ww2, when our competition basically deleted their infrastructure, and because of nuclear weapons
we decided we were just better
america #1
and in many ways, for quite awhile due to previously mentioned head start, we were #1
but thats over
our art
blackmoon: where do i get little stainless ball joints?

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money guns and charisma usually gonna win

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thats just chain of command
we make things up that are bigger than us
usually to control people
but yeah man, its made up
money guns and charisma are real

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the weapons are real
the people of various levels of power who run the state are real
their actions, very real
the state itself, human construct
maybe mostly because of consolidation and isolation or focusing responsibility, shrug
its an agreement to believe the same thing, all these things
they fear what happens if they dont
they react because of training
that is what is real
their connections to other people with authority
the state is not why you get shot
that guy needs his paycheck is why you get shot

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sure a border station is real
marks on a map are real
dude people die for gods
that doesnt mean the gods are real
perfect parallel tho
borders might as well be religion, gods, d&d fantasy
we respect imaginary human constructs
i get that
its like how we dont shit on religions all the time so we can get along and make money
yah 2 people left in the world, ones builds a fence
the fence is real
the border is an idea
well okay so borders are about ownership
ownership isnt real, human construct, pretend
nothing in physics besides maybe brain chemistry changes because someone owns something
its silly to see them otherwise

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when it practically has already decided companies are people
then it gets complicated
because apperently the middle class is a lot of less than tolerant, scared shitless, maybe not so educated people
right danieldson
and itll get worse here probably
maybe even much worse
and then we will be that lower class
it will hop scortch to us again
and then we can take that shit back
because all americans can be californian
ya gov is dead man
traffic laws and ceremonies
you need to name a battleship? better call the government
you need to design it? fund it? staff it? give it directives? that needs corporate management
danielson: borders are pretend
government, laws, are pretend
no really they are made up, imaginary, theyre not an actual thing

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repeat until the big collapse
yes danielson were basically ants with wastes cpu cycles
and our ant hills are the best
our monkey sticks? superb
look they dont want to be poor anymore more than we dont want to be like,, better than average
its not like industrialization is new
im okay with a minimum payout to all citizens
youre a citizens, you have this many credits to like, not be a bum
go try and not be a bum
that will change
when a computer network sues to not be shut off because of some eccentric programmer, and a court has to decide on if its concious

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automation means we should be making simpler things here by hand
automation is stupid for small and lots of medium run production
you figure a pretty good product has a life of hundred thousand
say its split over 20 builds of 2000
2000 units is prob not worth full automation
50 builds, who knows
wtf how are they evil
easy to argue were evil for their conditions
how do you argue theyre evil?
dey stole ur jerbs?
danielson: efficiency increases, take advantage of that
coordinate with trade policies to leverage that
well you reinvest
and get better robots and use your labor force even more efficiently
repeat on mars
repeat on starcity
repeat in new galaxy

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yeah because that worked
heh 'voodoo enonomics'
whatever, moms

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but if we came from monkeys how come there are still monkeys danielson
tardigrade gots lots of lateral genes
also chloryphyll and mitochondria were animals before they were cell things
well, not animals i guess
they were living thingies
also gmo plants resistant to herbicides
there genes get in the weeds somehow
like, one of the ways they genetically engineer shit is by firing pellets coated with genes into hosts cells

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danielson: as humans, we can understand how humans react to death better than we understand how anything else does
by our definition, you mutate something to have a larger brain with more folds and you have something more conscious than us
but they know what days are
and maybe they just know
maybe its in their rom
why? because of some random mutation that happen to the dog that survived something because of all his other traits, and then 100 generations, shrug
our understanding of biology and neural processing is pretty primitive

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my ribs are all sore like they are crashing into each other
i should get one of those beaded car seat things like taxi drivers have before i drive to socal
pretty sure animals get death

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like, after your brain folds a certain number of times oh shit im a thing i dont want to stop being a thing
well right because dozens and hundreds of years ago we knew shit compared to now
but honestly the insides of animals look like the insides of humans since forever
i think most humans have always known whats up, that were kind of the same thing
head humans arent down with that
head humans need to be special, so if theyre capable of being above other humans, surely humans are above animals
animals have no class they done fence or play golf
might as well be farmers
omg so many bugs in heaven
ants just doing what they gotta do to get by
i hate christianity
so things i hate can go to heaven
its a stupid place

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you can only think that because conscious
who is we?
so youre saying we are underestimating things which are not concious
or less concious
danielson: i dont see as as different than animals, so i dont see them as any less capable of conciousness, also i dont see why it needs to be exclusive to animals

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these things that we cant define? fish might have them.
observed in fish a phenomenon known as emotional fever – the increase in body temperature when subject to stress – which has been controversially linked to consciousness.
i thino conciousness is a particle thing that sums when particles are all being the same thing
vegans cant even eat rocks with my definition
vegans starve and die
pfft prove it
also ive never been vegan, i was a pretty crappy vegetarian for awhile, should go back to it was much healthier

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ya seriously wtf
if the eff wants to do something useful, it can make some fucking virus and malware scanning software that doesnt suck

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still looks sexy
future dated
oh ha thats a 3, looked like 7 zoomed out
oh neat i thought it was just a display thing
vintage milk shaker

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so yeah, i was kind of impressed, i think this would be great in an assembly class for comp sci geeks
well that was annoying
spends two days deciding to buy my things, then goes BUT I GOTTA DO IT WITH PAYPAL CREDIT
bitch if i wanted paypal i would have just put the shit on ebay

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macegr: i was curious how non embedded geek would deal with tis-100
so i got artist/gaming/stoner buddy interested to try, he seemed into it
like, the cores are so dumbed down it wasnt very hard to explain to him, hes figuring stuff out from the programming manual after like 10 minutes
we were watching some cartoons and out of nowhere hes like 'gotta figure out tis-100 some more'

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so do you wear black nail polish and glue on eyelashes?
maybe just a little eyeliner

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name tatoo is like the opposite of prenumptual agreement
words are stupid

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