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shoulder mounted knife

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is not a good experience
but yeah those stages are annoying as fuck even with the booms
i couldnt imagine having to work on one
you were just here you know what were talking about
maybe he hit his head
timecop: tell timewife to make sure you didnt hit your head

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dont use a table, usually dont use a vise
a lot of the rework i do is one off, fast, hackish, so often weird angles
like, if i need to scan something, i just move it with my hands
ha, yeah for inspection stuff where i have two free hands, you just focus the scope in space
and then like hold the board under so its in focus
like i dunno i dont really think about keeping it in focus while i scan

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and trinocular versions
heh, not having the boom would piss me off, pretty sure i would constantly talk shit about whoeever bought it
you mostly just fix it over the middle of the bench with the stand in the corner

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phone camera into eyepiece for the win
its raining fuck all that line drama
also its prob not free
psi: make sure you can flip it like 90 and 180 and the base will still hold it
its pretty short, doesnt have the goose neck thing in the middle

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blackmoon: i never trust that shit until ive seen it connected and working
yeah ive never even tried to solder over vid
look through the eyeholes
vid is for like 'this is how you fucked up. stop.'
and 80% of the time i end up using my phone camera to take the pic
the china scope ccd are so shitty
noise or shit optics or something

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what is the zoom pic of
that isnt shown in the other pics?
so thats all kinda shady
anyway that looks like the assembly that ive used in 3 diff labs
youre prob gonna want a ring light
timecop: you have a girl who can get scopes?
you have a china sourcing girl?
guys end up married to those girls
things change, anyway
zoom range is fine, you need a light
and that base looks annoting

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no because when you test the capacitor you change the capacitor
k not rly, you just use an LCR meter, or you put in series with a known resistance and time the voltage rise

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pretty good
guitarists would be happy
2ms doesnt seem unrealistic for repacking the data
3ms is including conversion?
i dunno how youre gonna talk shit about that
well, its probably expensive

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i didnt look at anything except the picture and bullet points
xmas meat spinner
wow they put 'professional circuit layout' in the bullet points
that just makes me think of the pject designer telling me that the company that did the flagship powered speaker preamp did smoke detectors before they got the contract

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timecop: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/smsl-m8?mode=guest_open
this thing too
must be some new usb pcm bridge or some shit

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timecop: yes road are cleaned by the power of car wind
be neat if he was right my car wouldnt be sitting in like 4" of leaf mush
oh man burnouts would be such a fucked up fine
wasnt he down with solar roads?
maybe thats how we got to car wind
how about just put them on the roof
and hose them down every few months
instead of running them over
typically, when you want things to stay nice, you dont run them over

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old argument
i dont think hes been banned in forever
and yeah if youre going to be that much of a condescending ass, you need to be less wrong

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if you feed it dongs thats what it will process
anyway for ohsix's trolling to make sense latency would have to be an order of magnitude higher
and even then it would be less latency than whats considered acceptable for video stream syncing
which is sad but i dont make these accepted non-standards

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neat so whats it compatible with
i obviously need one of these
there is no silence in audio
you dont assume a signal
dont get banned
and thats not true you know
did the math, its like 1ms to your head
okay im not quite a meter
and yeah thats not more
well, than jitter in most applications
but not latency through multi dsp signal paths

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burny why the fuck would you use 32/384
32/192 is sufficiently overkill for working, 24/192 should be fine for storage
24b is like 144dB of dynamic range, thats better than SNR on *anything*
lets do that this year
thats can be our 2016 project
pro fuckin audio by stoners and trolls

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im pretty sure its the whole 'how do you sync clocks if youre not sure how long a timestamp ping took' issue
i dont think latency is a huge issue with reliable gigabit streams
and the timing thing has definitely been usable, dante sells, and sonos has been cloned and put in a chip

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compared to what?

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tho looks like most shit is using dante now anyway

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timecop: be nice!
you should use 'aes3' anyway
that was you get spdif, aes/ebu, and whatever they develop next based on it

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uC, mew-C, microcontroller

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more information
how is the mixing controlled
are the channels stereo

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what does a pc tech outsource?

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shrug, if its not china i do it at home

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honestly i believe gun rights and this issue are directly related
at their core, the justification for both is that the government cannot be trusted
and there needs to be a mechanism that allows the citizens to end the government
like, because the government doesnt want guns to be available and doesnt want strong encryption is the justification for gun availability and strong encryption
the ability to kill members of government and talk privately keeps gov honest
but it is people
'government' isnt real, human construct, its exactly like borders
its pretend

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blackmoon: that was about encryption
she doesnt really know what shes talking about
but the most sane interpretation is that she wants them to come up with a better back door
which means she doesnt get it
she basically shrugged off the 1st ammendment
consistent with trump, so the stance isnt surprising
its the premise that government should be trusted, and that trust is what makes this okay
which is fucked on two levels, because 1) our government is built on the premise of the government not being trustworthy
2) this assumes the technology is without flaw and wors as intended
which is almost never the case
the exception being string encryption, ironically
*strong encryption
the government is people
people cant be trusted for various reasons

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i think thats up there with fiant key switches and wack-a-mole size buttons
pretty sure new stuff has usb, def has ethernet

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i dunno the haas controller i used still has rs232 input, we fed it from a computer that we loaded using floppy disks

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heh reminds me of the VFD on my parents VCR in the 80s

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looks like russia
jog dials look nice
thats so much less sexy
they could at least reverse the contrast

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looked bright

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wtf resistor fuse

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omg DIP army
kevtris: nice @ ribbon psu

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what do you do if the pellet stove is too hot?
just not feed it and hope?
does it have like, a flap
heh, pellet extinguisher

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