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blackmoon: no you have to login tho with facebook or email

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i didnt know what it was i was like is this some other goofy energy recovery thing?

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the engine is a stressed membe
mounts to frame in the front, suspension mount points on the head and block, and transmission
and i think theyre to the point where theres actually gear overlap during shifts
like, shifting in a fraction of a gear tooth
which cant be possiblyyou think it would rip itself apart
but thats what they said when they were explaining why RF interference at once of the asian street circuits was blowing up transmissions
like 3 cars two teams sensors go nuts same part of the track
but yeah wtf at voting to give extra power to your favorite racers
3 racers get fanboost

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guys youre not #cars
wait somehow it was on topic anyway
dude check that out i did not know about that
i have no idea how to feel about that
i dunno
and the v6 turbos are kinda more growly than the v8 and v10
those didnt have fuel flow limits so they would rev them up to like 18krpm, they screamed

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guys jaguar gonna be in formula e
jaguar is still a thing?

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wow, render vid in solidworks, hit play
changing appearances end up in a weird state
AND THEN, hit play from beginning, doesnt render again
changing appearances end up in a *different* weird state
hours im fucking with this, trying to get a consistent render, the shit doesnt even playback after rendering consistently
fuck this im going to sleep
i did a screen cap of the repeated playbacks with different endings, i can just stick that in the presentation like THIS CRAP TOOK ME 8 HOURS THEN I REALIZE FUCK THIS ITS A 2 UNIT CLASS

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wtf at grey letterbox and 'until' above the image instead below

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neighbor is drunk singing country

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by getting laid

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omfg solidworks animation thinger making me so angry

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i think youre talking about computer engineering
actually im not exactly sure where the line is, computer science and computer engineering, but im pretty sure comp sci is more desired academically
yeah but i think ee = design, eng = coding, and sci = get a phd and teach

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thats not the story, really
thats not uncommon at all
the story is they didnt test the units before shipping
or their testing is so shit it doesnt catch lack of blinking LEDs
shitty power cable, shitty building wiring
also if you strip the screw you may be unlucky enough to get a resistive gap
heh, it could happen

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digikey? mouser? madisound?

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has been garaged
yeah maybe a few times in the 90s
the whole thing looks bent
both have flat looking front tires

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working in the bay area and figuring out a shady dirt cheap home sounds like the ideal way to catch up on debt
pay and standard of living scales by location, debt doesnt
because fines
court dates
going to court is some time consuming bullshit
you aint gonna have a job if you have to deal with lots of those
box trucks are pretty cheap?
unless you mean a ghetto used RV
and those make me nervous because poo containers
yeah a real RV is prob 10x that
low end
which is probably comparable to the box truck
i wouldnt count on a $2500 to stay running or smell okay
thats kind of relative burny

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im broken like that
unless you want a tv for cash
you can help me in that case
i can prob have it delivered, shrug
is he still doing that?
because box truck is pretty big
macegr: so youre saying hes a true californian?
i camp where i want
on my own property
which isnt actually a thing

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so if a girl goes to give you a blowjob you would be like, can we play nintendo instead?
macegr: im sure there are at least dozens
why not
man i gotta start selling shit
i should just sell the fucking car
car ruins everything
van customization is something my uncle doesnt even do anymore
macegr: how about i buy you a tv from sears or best buy or target
and you give me cash
i dunno if they have those
they should but i wouldnt bet on it
i dont ask for help

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great, so get over it and move on
because concious brains
its instinc to basically kill things that you view as a threat
we have mostly gotten over that
top level, not at all, but one on one, were pretty good
i think females are just better at controlling things in general when it comes to impulsiveness
but not that much
there is also the sex as a commodity thing, which would contribute to the behavior macegr is describing
so assuming my female friends arent anomolies, they think about sex a lot
ya totally
youre not attracted to anything?

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there is a double wrapped granola bar on my floor
i dunno if it came out of the shipping box for my brake cable or for my hoodie
im biased as fuck but im aware, shrug
if it were up to me, all girls would wear power armor and have arm cannons
i think a lot of problems with gender interaction would go away if that were the case
i dont think girl brain is much different
because thats how babbeh formed

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anecdotally, females seem to excel at less focused multi-tasking, which would probably make them better project managers and engineering managers
but this difference maybe doesnt happen in a non gender conditioning environment
you should be looking for a new job then
also remember, these are the people that hired you
youre basically stating that was likely a mistake
if your direct management had no say in you getting hired, you should probably be looking for a new job
because theyre your managers they likely have the most exposure to what they need from your position

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some art installations basically rquire civil engineering equivalent knowledge
yes i am a libertarian anarchist too
or something
shrug, girls brains might be significantly better at it without the initial conditioning against it
we dont really know because thats just not how we roll
i wouldnt pretend to know

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medicine, research, its huge
no its not
it really shouldnt be included
entirely different struggle
i dont agree at all
not do i agree its less technical in many instances
in terms of brute mental processing ability, i think a lot of better artists are easily genius status
dont agree at all, good art is very technical
right, i think that is the main difference
the intent, the outcomes, but art in terms of application and technique can be more technical than engineering
a lot of engineering is just modifying canned solutions to fit an application

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20% isnt 51%
ms ceo is on mouser?
it wouldnt be because girls are conditioned not be interested
if thats what theyre interested in, or thats what can support them so they can do what theyre interested in on their own time
burny: by barbies and glitter
rab: LED powder or girl CEO?
oh weird
because science and math fields
ya pretty sure they outnumber guys in a few science fields

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macegr: looks like its a random in orientation, therefor not complete coverage and bidirectional?
rab: ya kinda seems so
burny: because girls brains are different than guy brains
so this is kind of attempt to make them less different, shrug
by tricking girls
gotta start somewhere
so theyre capable of doing things that they want to but previously werent able to do to gener conditioning
i mean, i would be more into pink capacitors and glittery resistors
making neclaces with lead free solder
maybe make sure its non ferrous glitter
burny: the average woman isnt interested
burny: in 7 years i worked with one female engineer
out of i dunno maybe 40 or 50 engineers
and she doesnt even want to be a girl anymore

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wait thats a discrete LED?
that is cool
and why is little ms STEM actually little miss CEO?
im so confused, tho im kind of down with pushing girls into STEM management
macegr: its actually a diode? or just some phosphor trick
like, shouldnt she learn how to make stuff first
before telling all the other people how to
tho, maybe this is more based in reality than fantasy
and they want the girl to be employed instead of happy
macegr: weird
like leads?
management in sci tech engineering and math fields
well its where you tell the engineers what to make
engineers typically dont get to make what they want

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18:07 < TekniQue> in most cases, getting a virus is favourable to getting anti virus software
true dat

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