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limit switches above eyebrows for that

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omg black asians
so much integrations
timecop: that shit is like 4 days old
oh my bad, bbc says 3d days
er, 3d or 3 days
WM Entertainment says it is taking legal advice in the US to find out whether the band's detention was legal.
wtf legal
its america, legal is whatever the mfkrs with guns decide to do
timecop: reddit front page when it happened
no but probably most of your tweetspam sources do

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thats cool i guess
opposite solution, company i worked for once sued a chinese CM and won in china court
which we thought was neat, but later we learned which CM, and were kind of blown away because it was a big one
and the company was trying to contract with them again
battered wife syndrome

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teknique: so are they going to fix it or what

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23:35 < TekniQue> I had 30 boards assembled in china, they sourced the components for me as well
always something shady on the PCBA when thats the case
two places i been at had strict controls over sourcing, factories hated it, i used to reject part replacement requests constanly
but the shit worked
a lot of companies dont care if it passes QC
and a lot of other companies dont even have outgoing QC

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yes its all very cute

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thats not what macegr sells tho
so i mean, macegr could top it by doing the same thing with a much higher degree of simplicity, or he could top it by completing the integration part, or by giving it more functionality by giving it a fraction of the functionality of his other products
toping the friendship specific part is kind a stretch as macegr would need to have one of his friends hit by lightning
which is not nice

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i think he\ should top it by doing the same thing with two switches and a couple handful of LEDs and resistor
because its what the kid was playing with
like, neat that kids are getting into electronics, but lame that they see a microcontroller with an thick abstraction layer as the solution to everything
for a lot of the timing things its used for, an inverter, cap and resistor would work

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