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slaterr: ya kinda
you can figure out the equiv internal resistance, and then use that to figure out how much current will ping pong
maybe invest in some schottky diodes

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rab: http://www.dailydot.com/politics/trump-closing-the-internet-up-in-some-way/?tw=dd
maybe hes trolling?
maybe he gets the nomination and is like, man you guys are a bunch of sick fucks how could you vote like that
and then like, goes home

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is this some sort of sideways ascii joke
i dont think he did it right
-|8 = 1/infinity, i guess

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do you eat in a jelly bean size servings?
yeah usually you just divide some shit by infiniti and all of a sudden its not infiniti anymore
i think there is a point where infiniti equals 8
is that some sort of ansi spec c joke
even the infiniti

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i like bacon

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why have water when you can have pecan sandies
fuck man we need to stop these fuckin christians

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burny: because elastic waistband

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but everything affects everyone
kardashians affects a lot of people
consider the people they affect via wives

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because accomplishments have a limited amount of associated awesome
this awesome is divided among those acomplished the accomplishment
the more directly and singlehandedly you can accomplish an accomplishment, the larger amount of the available awesome will be yours to consume
shrug, i gotta go but i feel like youre generalizing how people feel about what they do
and i kind of feel the opposite to be true in many cases, where people feel that what they do is more related to the accomplishments of others that in may in reality be
actually where i am from, garbage man is a decent job that you need decent connections to score
i dont have problems with garbage guys really
dogs need names to make scientists happy so they can math to mars
you just dont understand

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i think youre right about sensitivity scaling with voltage, but noise doesnt scale the same
i dont remember in which direction

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macegr: neat, so all your shit is sorted?
or youre still dealing with noises
shrug, it drives survival
yeah like in here is about shit 3d printers

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