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haha nice

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also thailand of europe
every continent got its voodoo region
i think in the case of s america and africa, its just the whole continent

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that sucks

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prob from the 60s, YOURE THE OLD MAN, OLD MAN
he likes my labs, i think hes giving me extra points on them to pad my grade
mean old man is nice

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i dont think hes okay with that
but we can use notes and calcs and i use wolfram for weird derivatives during quizes
i have pdf book, its clumsy
yeah were not there yet
kind of looking forward to that
i just have to pass
everything else this semester going fine, so its just this
it took me weeks to figure that out
like, oh this shit just works for these exact specific situations and im supposed to match the random equation to the random method
deriving a method takes prof like 20 minutes
k bbl, time for old man physics prof
callin us non modern cavemen with our understanding, but dude is using capacitors from the 70s
and cardboard case batteries

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dunno just use a pfet on the 555 supply and set up the gate so it doesnt turn on for awhile after a threshold voltage is reached
i thought you couldnt use reset pin
blackmoon told you to do that like 20min ago!
dx^: diff equations sucks
i dont understand the shit that well until after weve already been quized on it =\
yeah were on sprung damped mass now so its kind of useful
but teacher uses totally diff variable names and methods than book
so yeah everything is sucky
dx^: he gonna make your mom oscillate
yeah youre good at math and you once said its impossible so i dont feel so bad that im like wtf

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in application, all an opamp wants is for its inputs to be the same
theyre kinda dumb
i dont mean dumb like theyre a sucky device
i mean they dont think very hard
its just same amp model, diff parameters in most cases
yeah, thats it
psi: that thing has a shit noise spec =(
dont use a zener
just buy a voltage ref ic
or a precision shunt (often theyre kind of like active zeners)
what do you mean if it doesnt have a voltage
how are you running the opamp?

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if you use an opamp you have to make sure the input is always within its input operating range and it doesnt latch up when clipped
the application and supply rails may not, but yeah that not an issue, TL072 work fine
comparator circuit can just be a voltage ref on one in and input into the other
no feedback
comparator is just an opamp that may not sink *and* source, but behaves open loop and clipped
diff input stage, into a gain stage, into a low impedance output stage
input is hiz
gain is high as fuck

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svh: cold shower
hot shower will just make it worse
when i was doing shit with rigid fiberglass panels, that shit usually bothered me until i woke up a day or two later

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i dont really get hangovers from beer
well, unless i drink with russian buddy, but he just drinks like 10% IPA and hes generous
im not a huge fan but this is what the people buy
i usually like wheats, porters, stouts more
oh and sours and great when they dont taste like someone just poured vinegar into the beer

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beer is kinda meh
thinking about making some mead

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you need transistor man
transistor man can watch the voltage and operate an enable level inside the 555
shit, i just described a comparator
fuckin transistor man, making sense in many contexts and ruining the bad joke
naw im making myself look the fool more than you
i got louisianna hot links, i put in those as bun, so many noms

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wtf @ upgrade installs
when have those ever worked right?
fuckin never thats when

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awesome artwork is awesome
damn thats some grown up shit

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in the words of the great philosopher rab, if you cant vote with a ballot, vote with a gun
gun is cheaper
not if the other guy has a gun, jezus fuck no it isnt
not if i have a family to protect and theres more than one
greatest argument for assault rifles is a mother putting down cover fire to get her children across a living room
mom dont need a hunting rifle, she needs a gun designed for easy movement in close quarters with lots of capacity
our laws are being corrupted by paranoids
im 1000% behind legal arms, i wouldnt necessarily want to own one
it is retarded

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this shit took like months to find 12 years ago
they help
yes so if other people have the insanity, you better have some insanity to make like an insanity versus insanity pee vs pee in the pool force field
anyway, if you dont have guns how do you take on your government?
if you cant end your government, youre not free
this is by far the most awesome part of the bill of rights
yes and that should change
and the army is made of citizens
in a conflict like we are talking about, the giv wouldnt have all its weapons at its disposal
if the arson is justified i dont have issue with it

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gundams are all ugly
thats some sex
macegr: thats kinda okay
thats like the russian version
guns = freedom

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macegr: they had that armor mod for it
so many cans of rockets
because johnny 5 was kind of a dork
they had the gold one in the local xmas parade when i was a kid
no one was excited and this was the late 80s

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2A per ring means for each channel?
is awesome, if its 2A for the whole thing, seems iffy
google doesnt have datasheet for p/n
honestly, r2d2 and johnny 5 are pretty lame compared to veritech vf-1j
fuck gundam
gundams dont look like robots *and* F-14s
lockheed prob had veritechs in the 90s

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blackmoon: =O

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