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gop fuckheads channeling the palin, using the gotcha word over and over
rab: i just realized kuru toga would suck for carpentry anyway because the rotations happen whenever you lift so it doesnt do anything when you draw long lines

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synth: buying replacement kuru toga

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ha, yeah youve mentioned that before, pretty cool

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ha nice
do you actually get a trace or just a fuzzy suggestion of one?
that must have been cool to discover

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rab: yeah its to test voltage out of a battery and resistance of an atomizer
510 threaded
not ego compatible
i dont know but i assume theyre optomized for resistance under 2 ohms, DMM are pretty fucked for accuracy even when subtracting lead resistance that low
probably get a 4 wire LCR cheap, test gear is a buyers market

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Pspice is nice but not free
i think the back end for all of them is pretty much the same
and ive never really had issues with anything other than some types of oscillators

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synth: anyway, try it and report back
blackmoon: oh man changed into happy hardcore

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and as far as writing quality, like the consistency in thickness and darness of whats written, nothing compares to the kuru togas
the lines are almost 2x thicker versus writing without constantly rotating manually
like, for the last 6+ months i havent thought about writing, i just write, back to quicker clicker and p205 and im constantly thinking about rotating or that i can barely read the writing because too small and light
blackmoon: nice

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i use 0.7mm bic pencils for random stuff like that
also they have 0.7mm kuru toga, and the rachet mechanism never got stuck after a semester of writing
synth: i use a lot of eraser so even a bigger eraser isnt enough, i use the staedler and pentel mars plastic eraser blocks
quicker clicker has a big eraser, i use that shit up pretty quick and get used to it, then have to deal with the scratchy metal edge of the eraser
anyway, i dont give a shit about pencil built in erasers, and i like pentel P205 so obviously i dont have a problem with non retractable tip, in fact i dislike the thick conical retractable tips versus the thin straight tubes

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all terrain vehicle
oh this isnt #cars
context, yo
is my guess
inittab and rydawg only ones talk about atvs
suggests assymmetrical quadriceps

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.5, i want to try 0.3 but lead isnt super available like 0.5 so i never end up buying
also you get finer lines with the kuru toga pencils because youre never using the full diameter unless you draw long lines without lifting
0.5 with the quicker clicker looks crazy thick now, and because force spread over larger area, less friction while writing, dont like the feel

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anyway, i lost the kuru toga and went back to the quicker clicker and it feels and looks like ass
also yeah the quicker clicker feed will eventually fuckup, leads will push back in
and continuously rotating the p205 is annoying, kuru toga really is best pencil ever, credible new tech

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guys i lost my kuru toga pencil, that shit really works all the other pencils suck now
dude it works
i had that, pentel p205 drafting pencil, and pentel quicker clicker
p205 is most comfortable, skinnier, but ive used quicker clicker side click since the 80s because easy to keep pencil at same orientation

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nice D flats
clearly you just need vise grips
normal set screw knob prob eats itself on the opposing D flat edges
everything upside down while curing ha

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fixed point, its pretty awesome, crazy fast
but yeah you gotta think a lot
just needs torque to gets past the lock tabs, no?
n00b781: management
prob okay doing controls, embedded, robotics type stuff
power design will prob always be worth $$$ too
i think you should abandon the knob entirely and screw cabinet handles into the top
i never took calc at cc
precalc, ya
probably not, or you remember when i took diff calc at uni
was a year ago, precalc was like year and a half ago

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synth: yeah but its kinda pasty, like putty
and i dont think as flexible, but yeah probably higher temp because cars \
the way the hysol stuff flows and wets is why i like it
n00b781: prob because avrstudio works well, is totally free
the embedded course at my school is stm32 and keil compilers, looking forward to that
haha, gonna be easy compared to getting the shit spinning with gcc shit
dunno i dont agree totally
we learned on 8051 dev boards, and were told if you can figure this shit out, modern uC will be easy to learn from manuals and datasheets
100% correct, i picked up AVR in weeks, the lower level concepts were totally applicable
8b, yeah
32b in asm is annoying as fuck

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says up to 120C, datasheets seem to be hiding, docs tab is msds and rohs

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thats a lot like the acrylic air cleaner nut i made for thedrip
some machine supply shops will have it
mcmaster def has it, i think grainger too
it flows well which seems to works well for adhering to surfaces
jbweld prob works i just had really good luck using the hysol stuff

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yeah looks like some sort of composite
prob doesnt deflect so much with temp
loctite hysol the fucker, bit at the break where they mate, once set, clear tape inside, and put enough glue on the outside of shaft to fillet past the break point
i wouldnt drill because already brittle
maybe rough up the surface with a file
i like the hysol stuff ive used (there like half a dozen types at least) because it would stick really well to surfaces, even to gloss texture plastic

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also because it has this like, layered soul pattern its wering down evenly across the sole

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in which case theyd prob put 40 rounds into him before he even knew they were there
and id almost say hed have it coming
walking around with a replica gun in any urban area in the US is asking to get shot 100 times
its a little sad, but i cant say i have a huge problem with it
rule #1 of carrying a gun, dont pull the gun out unless you plan to use it
soon as you pull it out youre a target for anyone else carrying, and in LA thats a lot more people than cops, prob in most urban areas
guys how come cheapest china zappos sneaker is lasting longest

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sculptor: this remi guy wouldnt survive in los angeles
and it def wouldnt be the cops that killed him
hes white
hes destroying peoples property and in some cases just being an ass, he picks the wrong person in los angeles and he gets killed, simple as that
except when they get totally fucked up
also i imagine theres a lot of shit goes wrong doesnt make it to youtube
but the example of the dude getting laid out at venice beach is a good one
sure you can fuck with some people there and its whatever
but you keep doing it, eventually someone gonna knock you out or kill you
in some parts of south and east LA, he prob wouldnt get away with this shit even once
i dont think the cops would do shit except for the one he does with the bank sign and submachine gun

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qwertyu left, he should use flux

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