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doubt it, the green beans are hard as fuck, smooth, dont have any sort of powder on them

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[cube]: ha i think its the smell, hold my breath and drink and its kinda like berry, bit tart, which is kinda what it says on the description blurb

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ha trip out, tastes a little like tomato
its light roast single origin, kenyan
always lots of weird flavors besides coffee
sometimes its awesome, sometimes not at all, but light roast you get max flavor either way
you could call it strawberry instead of tomato i guess, it tastes sweet and kinda red

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omg coffee so tasty
like a hardcore tea
i did that once
that shit is so hard to clean
yeah i clean mine every couple weeks maybe
daily at least
yeah i get that on the rim of the cap, and the top of the screen
doesnt seem to hurt anything

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smaller batches seems to work okay

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guys saucony jazz are the cheapest sneakers on the zappos, made in china, and these things lazting way longer than my pumas, new balance and, onitsuka sneakers
[svh]: but like, carbon monoxides!
*typos *grammars

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omg danger
i think you have to connect that tube on top to something!

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if the air flow is cut down too much, itll get hotter and the chaff wont be ejected and the beans wont move around, so shit can catch fire. this is the issue when there is a hot air screen on the bottom instead of louvers on the side
ha i used to do it at work ejecting into a wastebin, caught maybe 80% of the chaff but there were enough coffee junkies i got away with it
also everyone prob knew better than to fuck with the lab techs over bullshit
preheater would work but without a variac itll just pop breakers unless i run an extension
which is maybe whats gonna happen tonight because im sick of this ash tray coffee and yerba mates and red bulls aint cheap

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hmm id have to get some amps
no i just need more temp
ive never had an overtemp issue, it takes too long
its actually not so bad because i like it super light and as is, it doesnt seem to be able to do worse than light-medium
i do it outside, it sprays chaff everywhere
thats why poppers are kinda neat
the chaff comes out where the popcorn usually does
but yeah its too cold and it takes forever
like first crack doesnt really happen in one distinct point anymore, it kinda gets there and gets stuck and they crack when they feel like it, if i was a typical roaster id prob call this totally non functional
so i thought of just putting it in a box, but im pretty sure itll suck up the chaff and catch fire

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also i end up with a variac

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rab: okay i has a plan
take space heater with fuckey bimetal switch, variac straight to elements, preheat the air into the popper
prob run that shit at like 30% current or something, the popper is 1000W

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