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tekrad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaYzlWAqwFc
tekrad: your nicoburg seems depressed
also notice paddy lowe giving him a death stare

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heh, this all becomes way more obvious when youre tired
this was prob our adaptation to no side eyes
a lot of those faces are pretty weird
conclusion: normal faces are pretty weird

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vision is all post processing
i doubt that, prob a wider angle, and you probably only really process that center 5 degrees heavily
try to read something thats not dead center in your vision
you cant
well unless your whole field of vision is like 5 letter but even then i bet you gotta scan a bit
yeah but you dont need much res for that
and honestly i think you just make most of it based on expectation
you only saw a bush because you know theres bushes on the side of the road, if it was a green bear you wouldnt know

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haha @ vettel
"i have to be careful because you're a woman... i have balls, but not crystal balls" when asked if ferrari would be competitive with mercedes next year

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bike tire is flat
china did not put liners, assholes

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he initially had all of koreas backing though
okay not all of korea
and maybe not backing as much as best wishes

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small qty also means higher costs, so your small market is paying more and expecting higher quality
meanwhile you prob have proportionally less talent devoted to sustaining engineering and customer support, you maybe have no one devoted to that, its maybe just you
so you just have to be more badass
kinda, ya
a lot of notable people in the EE field may not have succeeded without corporate money and project managers behind them

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man 2015 and im reading about formula 1 because after streams and before torrents
its like im fuckin 17
and oddly i realized this website has been around and the same since the early 00s
i think its one guy, but i dont think its the same guy
fuckin bernie, i would pay money to watch this in 420p at 15 frames/sec

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