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woo china drivers

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but thunderhill is 2 hours to SF, and space to build up, and no one to complain, and track configs that can support f1, and also 30 min from me

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i was watching a 2005 race, and its the reverse with tire changes banned, but mid race refuel
and its a trip, the pit crew just stands theres staring at the car intensely while it takes forever to get the fuel in
this year theyre getting tires off and on in a low as 2.2 sec
and thats not an anomaly, mercedes do 2.2 sec consistently
i want a california gp so bad
as much as everyone wants laguna seca, shit is a state park and already dealing with noise complaints

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yeah f1 is gonna be nuts, maybe pouring during qualifying, possibly thats pushed to sunday, and nobody knows for sunday
kinda rain is almost worse than all rain for stretegy, should be a cluser fuck, will be awesome
bernie said theres maybe going to be a gp in california
prob just shit bernie says, tho, because hes negotiating with cota
theres a practice ban, so there do all in season r&d during friday and saturday practice, besides setting up for the race
so wet weekends are kinda fucked if they dont think it will rain on sunday
tire situation is already fucked because FIA has pirelli making tires with built in degredation goals
FIA is like MAKE SHITTY TIRES BECAUSE ITS EXCITING and now everyone mad at pirelli because the tires are shitty

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rab: fuuuuuuuuu are you ok!?
are they saying if that shit will die off before sunday?
weather girl drew a line like it was gonna be in the gulf by monday
thats good
i guess mexican pacific coast is most fucked coast ever
my mom is from nayarit, so possibly family is fucked

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