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macegr: they dont spec a tolerance on the curve, they call it typical, and the only spec note is typical specs are not gauranteed
they sounded decent and measured okay at work

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macegr: lots of them show like -2, -3 dB at 100hz
the divs are usually crazy big, 10dB, so rolloff doesnt look like much
they did that plot in word
besides default blue, you can tell because the plot goes down to 10hz instead of 20hz
you cant start a log plot in excel at 20hz and get *10^n divisions
heh, ive imported back into AP to deal with that

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why digikey has two datasheets same rev
a lot of electrets that big will go up to 10v
and both cases will probably need a current buffer, you could just use one side of a dual to feed the electret supply

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yeah some of them are pretty neat
i wired a bunch on to the end of cables for a prototype, heatshrunk them with just the little hole poking out
yeah well its prob like a 0.5mm diaphragm
im kind of amazed they work at all, pretty sure sensitivity and SNR are compromised but not so much
yeah that sounds right
wait the whole package is 3mm square?
oh i think those are the ones i turned into little wires mics
to attach to a sigma dsp dev board
def same package
like 10mV at 94dBSPL, theyre good shit

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ha nice

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toilet roll technology?
sounds dangerous

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no and then

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i dont think they want to put a wall on that side
we like white people, brown people not okay
yeah, syrup flavored america is nice
and then?

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omfg i cant stand those things

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