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THE EQUATIONS ARE THE FORM AND THE SHAPE, mfkr just calc the divided voltages and individual currents so you can actually check the circuit and see youre actually fuckin sane
least at the end youre plugging in numbers for the symbols instead of making a monster fucking equation that means absolutely nothing to no one

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the comcast fuckin up two nights in a row
randomly starts working, sometimes after reset, sometimes just whenever
they said if a tech comes out and its working, ill get charged
bitches, why am i gonna get charged for your shitty fucked up inconsistent network?
mfkrs should be paying me
also, physics two changed from e-fields to resistive and capacitive circuits and im murdering the coursework
glas i didnt learn electronics like this the first time around, month and a half of dicking around integrating efields, we get to the practical shit and like non of the e-field math is used
ha, professor doesnt like it when we plug in numbers in intermediate steps instead of using symbols until the last step
professor also says hes a theoretical guy and not much of a lab physicist
i think those two things are directly related, heh

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its like the KIT we would see when random geek would take it to grocery shop at hughes
KIT ignored us =\
yeah pretty sure was actual prop car, interior was perfect, had the vid monitors and steering wheel and appropriate dummy lights
guy driving looked like a comic shop owner
cannot imagine him in any other role
heh, also neat: princess vespa's mercedes space ship was parked in a car lot by the 101 in north hollywood for years
later replaced by a ferrari F50
was not an F40, so was not pleased at all

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its some shit that made me sit sideways in my bros car
kind of like a lamborghini, except the opposite way
(lamborghini countach and diablo had giant front wheels and awd transmission between seats, so you sat slanty)
those vettes had like no power so very safe
and no one actually drove those lamborghinis
they only existed in garages and posters
from his description, i find it highly unlikely that the man ever went outside

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blackmoon: bud box
some drilled holes with some screens on the bottom and side if heat becomes an issue
whats bag phone
yeah basically
so mobile phone for 80s corvettes?

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blackmoon: heatsink brick resistor, 50W zener
get automotive on that bitch

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by buying 10ft extrusions and cutting them up
doesnt look like they did a great job of it either
rab: board at work, one ic was laser blanked, another had an 80s natsemi logo, and another's datasheet didnt have the package of the ic listed
bossguy: are you saying we might be shipping counterfeit ICs?
me and EE just kind of put face in hands

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nice, lm3886 not on the list
damn, looks like theyre killing the high voltage AB output drivers
but is it damn fast?

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are the killing the 3886?
google not helping

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the green to red fault is a trip tho, was not aware of that

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metal or plastic panel?
yeah unless its the shittiest resistor ever, sounds like a short
heh, if the 12v rail was high enough to fuck it id assume youd have worse problems
tho shorting the resistor without killing the LED takes some skill
unless you have a shit ground at the same time

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a 1n914 will emit red light with enough current
teknique: are you sure it isnt a red/grn LED?
if this is your LED indicator circuit, nm

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blackmoon: hahaha

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