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whats the white stuff
dunno what it is
no i mean your things

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project management is mostly about dealing with that last 10% of work that takes 50% of the time, know when to cut your losses, being able keep things in context of ROI or budget
burny: yeah so a project manager basically connects you to someone or something that can help

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other hack (audio electronic engineer) is pretty old, sends rerererefwfwrerefw emails about nothing
hes pretty cool actually, the racists jokes are really tame
you need a project manager
thats basically who i work for
usually two or three of those guys, and my direct boss is some vp level dude i rarely see
most of the regs to some degree
some are better at finishing projects than others, but in general finishing is what makes you good at this shit

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the ones that are like posts ever few seconds can be annoying
little little ones are always kind of odd, unique
like, i got a chan i started for a few friends i havent seen in maybe 5 or 6 years
but somehow some unrelated channel drama gets played out in there
sometimes i gotta ban all these random fuckin people because like, its my fuckin channel i dont even know you people and you come in here with drama
ive managed to completely avoid the social part of facebook
i had it because a lot of the drum n bass producers stopped updating their website events schedules
and it took facebook few years to suggest anyone i knew
seems lost if you dont tell it your high school
ohsixi: its the new granny email

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timecop: ohsixi is def better at music than you
it just got straight jazzy triphop
these guys got 10 years of catalog prob good for awhile
ohsixi: you just linked the track im listening to on spotify
they got like 90s tracks on the spotify
yeah you may be the exception there, that opinion
dunno, lots of chans im in are few times more active than this

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ohsixi: this is like instrumental synth punk?
glitchy, i like the drummer
yeah this is neat i think the drums are programmed/mixed, this is good shit

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do you guys remeber no cure for cancer by dennis leary?
first thing i thought of

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i played cruising world at the laundromat
$.25! shit used to be like $1.50
3rd gear was broken
arcade style racing, 90s 3d
if you troll, youll win
also, hi
is that something yet?

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was it difficult to follow? and explain how it was condescending
i mean ohsix's personality basically was condescending
timecop: if you acted like him youd likely be bant to by now
nice i was not aware of that
yeah but with more colors and pixels

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annoying, if he wants to chat about coming back im cool with that
but he was getting on rabs nerves for similar reasons
and rab is kinda of my yardstick for reasonable behavior
guys typical procedure was highjack a topic, steer it towards something he knows about, talk a ton of shit somewhat out of context, demand all sorts of backup info for him to deem your argument worthy
if youre going to be that much of a condescending ass, keep it on topic
like, we had that convo about audio desync, hes basically calling me an idiot for 20 minutes or whatever
liek what hes saying is totally over my head
when he finally gets what i mean, hes like 'oh by then youre already fucked'
hence the beginning of the convo, where i say, 'wouldnt it be neat if'
i dont understand that reference

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and this guy, master of avoiding banhammer
keep it on topic and you can get away with a lot
no, timedong
you know that suicide vid is prob the first thing ive noped out of in years
not exactly on topic, i dont think too many would complain about a ban
timecop: rly? cool
the setup was a bit too long, calm to deal with, it took my maybe 3 or 4 minutes to finally hit the x after a few pauses
but i mean, i could ban timecop and teknique for the jewhate and not feel guilty about it, but they keep it on topic and its pretty minimal compared to everything else
shawn|i78: old guy, hobby level skills, complete asshole
depends, we got rid of stu, that was kind of serious
and things seem better
i have no problem admitting i give a shit about this place

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trollwin = bant
shrug, it can be fun in the right context, but hes a reg, hes knows the score
considering the context is efnet, him being a reg can explain away him being banned/unbant for years
yeah hes okay at electronics, prob knows more comp sci stuff, and pretty sure he has social anxiety issues so he blows off a lot of it here
i dunno, i mostly know him from here, pretty sure i seen him on freenode
he has health issues, hes a lot younger than avrfreak was
honestly id take a dozen flybacks over an avrfreak

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and zee didnt do it in here, im just saying if you talking shit like youre 13 and youre not kidding with ur frens, you just might get banned
moon is actually extremely tolerant, i think most on efnet set that flyback permban like 10 years ago
naw i dont think hes a bad guy really, just an annoying troll
obviously hes not abrasive enough to get the bans stickied, hes in and out of like 3 or 4 chans im in
hes kind of on topic in here sometimes, but he pokes moon, troll wants to get banned, so moon lets the troll win, shrug

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[svh]: i dont care so much about the canadian persecution, but i dont have issue with blackmoon taking offense
but im not down with calling names
i mean if you want to criticize thats fine, be descriptive and complete, but dont call names
or pull a zeeshaan and go on about getting his dick sucked by unnattractive mothers
that shit didnt even work in junior high, kinda funny to see him respond like that
i hate that shit
i mean the +v

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[svh]: b1te mai cawk c4nuk
i think, its been a while since ive seen it written out
and i honestly dont get the prejudice
i kind of like flyback, but would ban him if i was less lazy about logging into the other shell, just because that seems to be his goal
meh, alundry
and static homework, statics is kinda fun

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how much on newegg?
they keep emailing me that shit is on sale but they dont send the price and i dont want to login click addcart
guy is prob just reselling those
damn shit is still $140 retail at newegg
i have a d830, it ate 8gb of ram fine
how old is it?
i have an ssd in mine, shit is mad usable now
has a 15" 1920x1200 display
reason i invested more hardware into it

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most fun F1 driver sings and shit

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1st wave of activists in a revolution get taken out anyway
if you gave a shit about her and it didnt work out, kinda normal

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i want to go to romania
because like 1/4 romanian or something, also its weird like thailand
dunno, thats probably a better reason than anything else
from a human perspective
if you havent rejected kids as a concept, pussy is kind of like #1 top level goal
sculptor: cheap fun seems to be a theme
yeah until you have someone in your life and it doesnt feel complete
and you kinda realize its an arbitrary state, you decide
well, herbal supplements to me have to do with not wanting to deal with justified anger
i dont have the time or balls to be an effective activist

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most motorsport songs are pretty bad =\
its house music (disco)
haha @ the fake riding scenes and hes casually turning the handlebars like 30 degrees

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