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yeah sounds right, youre probably correct and it is probably fucked
well, least half of it is

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read what i mentioned in terms of connections, carefully measure again, and if your results are the same, prob need a new one
does it say mV?
k, does it have a decimal?
either way that value doesnt make a lot of sense
make sure you are flipping polarity when measuring the opposite output
yeah not sure i understand your connections stated like that
k that sounds right

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n0p: looks like a 3 phase bridge
do like this
dmm + to yellow, dmm - to red
should read like, .5 to .7 volts
all three yellow wires to red wire should read that
dmm - to yellow, dmm + to black
should read like, .5 to .7 volts
all three yellow wires to black wire should read that
a reading of .096 volts might be bad
they should all read approximately the same

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n0p: what do you mean by regulator/rectifier

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haha, my per semester unit limit is now 32 units
i guess thats how they do unlimited, cant fit 8-12 classes into a schedule

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circumstance is a bitch, learn a ton pulling yourself up out of holes tho
hopefully you didnt end up with baggots living in your skull
baby bugs

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and he was like, oh damn that sucks and he left me alone
he actually let me borrow a nickel for the water machine

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they all do that i think
last time i got meat they were taking apart a deer in the parking lot =\
the deer kinda looked annoyed
also i dont think you will shoot a thing
guys i had this crazy idea
what if homeless people just need coffee?
last one asked me for change i just yellow IM IN DEBT FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS

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macegr_: yeah took as long as in the oven almost i prob wont do again
svh: i either get bacon from local butcher who sources from local farms
or school farm, awesome stuff, about a small a production run as it gets
school farm has badass sausage
thats the only thing seems little cheaper than normal
everything else is like, same price better quality
also cottage bacon is neat
macegr_: site does not instill trust
We pride ourselves in providing to our customers fresh product each and every day. Unlike the large grocery chains that receive their product in a box already cut and wrapped and shipped to them, many times from out of state.
thats that only indirect reference to them sourcing locally i could find

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yeah bitches, tell me you california supplier is demanding more beans and id actually give a shit
fuck razors, no more shaving
macegr_: i tried water bacon method
like, maybe an inch of water, boiled on high until gone, cooked like normal
super consistent bacon consistency is super consistent
you only need to use it once

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macegr_: thats better
i will help kickstart this heathclit
i will not help
i will back Heathkit Apples tho
macegr_: make sure the turd is photoshopped onto the plate

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hasnt heathkit been alive again for like a year
theyre just gonna be a vintage ebay store?
with 1 page of junk?
they cant even do their own arduino or something

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i thought they were gonna make new shit
macegr_: are you on insider mail list did you get new product announcements?

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what is netheathkit
they have sort of xtal app, hmm

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