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from last year, max wtf but also kind of what you expect

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thousand oaks?
LF waves of what?

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it shows up, im pretty sure
you just cant get it
tho honestly if it was a feature theres no way for one to know from the user side, but im pretty sure its not a rule across the board

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sometimes more than the media is even willing to stereotype
because the movies would be tagged ultra racist

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now hes making gunpowered with pee and straw

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wtf he implanted a magnet in his finger?
thats what im watching
why did he put it in?
he cant now, guess he killed those nerves
nice, it got infected

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ag|: he says the batter 'maybe have a little bit of current'
wtf @ wash it and use it as sunscreen
this recharge method is not practical at all
hes got 1.3 volts of current

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no idea, that shit is expensive
the edible stuff
when most people mention oil now, they mean butane and co2 extractions

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spider and worm wilk supposed to be crazy strong, so youre probably right
anyway, you can get towards 100% CBD concentrates now
this stuff i had last week was like 50% CBD, under 5% THC, you dont feel stoned or tired, you just feel up and pretty clear headed
and you dont want weed at all
its almost like weed methadone
if i had to quit permanent, that would probably be the easiest way

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its kind of like the compliment to THC
recreation weed has almost no CBD, lots of THC
figure like, 30% THC for average dank strain grown well, will have like <1% CBD
industrial hemp is basically all CBD, it was bred for low THC for legal reasons
its long been known that CBD will block a THC high
like, we knew this in high school 20 years ago and would make jokes that weed is the anti weed, CBD and THC use the same receptors
CBD will actually keep you from getting high if done first
turns out it has a lot of medical benefit, and almost no physchoactive effect, so CBD weed and concentrates are becoming popular, and in general are 2x to 4x more than THC strains and concentrates
hemp rope is the best natural fiber rope you can get as far as i know
weed has crazy high cellulose in the stems, its like a little tree compared to most weeds
well, no im not sure if theyve synthesized it
almost no one does synthesized THC, its too strong and hard to dose it makes people sick
not the same thing, i meant plant fiber

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because its physically addictive and it almost hurts too stop
conversely, once you start, shit will usually do well to calm your ass down
smoker smokes when hes down
is prob the best description of trying to stop ive heard
svh: prob so many variables, genetic and environmental
but yeah on average it seems to be pretty bad shit
also chems in cigs are varied a lot by brand
in my case, because we ran out of weed at the kids group home
they decided to crack down that week, they gave up by the next week
heh, i smoke too much weed to be a useful sample for that metric
i dunno man, most people i know do an awful lot
its not really horrible on long term, short term it definitely effects things
it goes away when you stop, takes awhile tho because long weed half life
CBD doesnt seem to do anything to mem

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shit went resistive, is getting hot on the bottom now
like, stupid ecig, youre supposed to get hot on the other end, how will i work you if the button is burning my finger
you smoke anything else?
cloves are pretty hardcore
i figure i finish this 250ml jug of 6mg, order some straight VG and see if i can vape zeros
until i just feel stupid for doing so and stop
im not really around smokers anymore so that helps
last summer was staying with friends, smoking and 12 packs like every night, and felt rude if i didnt hang out
my mom still smokes
my dad prob did until he died

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they were really symmetric
thats some talented synchronized door actuating
inittab: switched to 6mg from 12mg at the same time i got the amount of cotton right, dropped from like 1.0R to around 0.5R
holy fuck clouds, im going through like 6-7 ml of fluid a day, im probably getting same amount of nicotine =\
omg the clouds tho
my mod button is so shit

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looks like its all above the door in this?
4x4" space, prob just do a motor and leadscrew
i dont think that would really fit in a normal home wall
with air rams and electronic control, easy to have some of pressure release
and you could put the rams into a section of wall with studs
thats prob how the star trek ones were done

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actuating them would be drama
air rams would prob be the safest way
and now you gotta run and maintain air lines and compressors
motor strong enough to do it reliably would be big, and may not be as forgiving
are elevator doors hydraulic?
hmm yeah im not sure what sliding market doors are
no way
because big, heavy, expensive

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burny: you want a fuzzy knob gobbler?
thats totally innapropriate
thats taking it too far
rubber nub detends could work too
like on cheap paintball guns
i wouldnt even tool it
just side drill the gobblers and push a rubber detent in from the back
take up too much space in the wall
you basically gotta demo and rebuild the walls for sliding doors
theyre a bitch to align, hard to keep clean
and you wall is basically empty
yeah the little room i had in topanga had one

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"comes equipped with a catch device'
comes with velcro
thats somewhat reasonable
he says he wants to make tooling
its prob a $5k tool
thats probably a good thing?
would you have posted it here if not?
kind of thing the name is its strong point in terms of sales
but completely makes sense in context
rarte coincidence, or genius
want to go
prob dont have money to go

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shrug, its a good design
is it flat one the back?
the mount tabs looks beefy

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yeah i figured those out, also heart stuff, not sure what W is, but speeds, timing, distances, heart rate, environment, mins and maxes
definitely badass
yeah, figured that out
they kinda make sense next to the rpm thing, i figured it out
do multi pages?
i think you should keep this one as one of the pages its pretty cool, heh
the second i realized it wasnt a demo i was pretty amazed how much stuff on the little screen

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sculptor: haha at first i thought it was demo code but the display kind of actually makes sense after a few seconds
pretty neat
is for bikes?
damn, cold
yeah but the icons work well, i think someone could get used to it, dunno if vibrations will make it less legible
kind of surprised how quick i realized what was going on
yeah all that stuff is pretty easy see once you see how things line up

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