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taco machines?
get a better rubber belt

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female roommate was prob his mom

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he prob means foreign militia
you know, giving guns to people you will be fighting in 5 years?
were awesome at that
look all i gotta say is Rambo III was about helping al queda kill russians over stinger missiles

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id prob be really good at it too
makes no sense to get a job while on benefits
you would basically go from doing okay to totally fucked
thats not because of government
thats because the consumer demanded cheap shit
and the private sector gave away industry
thats not gov or social programs, thats citizens fucking themselves
sure i can
no i cant cops
theyre usually assholes
*can hate
and welfare aint shit compared to mil spending
occupying the world is expensive
usually ends poorly
hope you have popcorn left over for that
if we cut our military spending by 1/4 basically all our problems are fixed

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btw im like fuck islam, too
dude almost no one is persecuting xtians
germans are having issues because theyre not breeding
rab: graphs dont work!
so youre afraid of it happening here?
this is like people who are racist against columbians having a war with people who are racist against argentinians
islam and christianity are like the same fucking thing
extremists will gain the upper hand?
you mean suburban white people with rifles?
and evolution kind of depends on being able to take the people out of people
because like, evolution
and social programs have helped a ton of people
without them id be stealing cars and breaking into computers

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i dont think thats true when you consider percentage of the population
and i dont care about the race
again, this has a lot more to do with economics
thats not true
believing in that is the problem
almost all of them were born into it
i think youre generalizing and i dont think thats true in general
anyway, if you believe they did it to themselves, youre part of the problem, and im done
thats a very charles manson point of view
good luck with that

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its okay to be a religious bigot
yes, i hate on stupid religious bigots
i am not the bigger person
black lives matter isnt something cohesive, and its definitely waraanted
cops are scared shitless and the pussies are going off over nothing
what does that have to do with militarized cops killing lots of people?
cops were trained to see the community as a thread, instead of being trained theyre part of the community
yeah sure
plenty of instances contradict that
whats wrong with body cams?
its 2015 how is that not a thing
og course its not enough you have to make cops less pussy
you have to teach them, hey your a cop and the job is dangerous and you just might die
doesnt mean you can kill people accidentally

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anyway, religion is retarded, but its just a distraction, like racism
problem is money owns government
dividing things up by race without taking into account how people ended up in their current situation is pointless
it correlates much better with economic state
find places that have similar population density and income, and race doesnt matter
i dont see what that has to do with welfare
and its hardly like a significant number of cities are burning to the ground
because republicans encouraged hate and anti intellectualism

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i would
religion is religion
we killed 500k people because bush said god said it was cool because saddam said he was gonna kill his daddy
im not
fuck religion
dont be believing that shit out loud in our government system, i have zero respect for that
i dont differentiate much
id rather be around people who dont use pretend people as excuses to fuck over other people or not give a shit
trump is neat because hes rubbing the GOPs nose in the fucked up base they created
sold our to religious anti-intellectual racist assholes
im prob more down with illiterate mexicans and urban blacks than poor white trash

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i just meant militia nuts starting shit over the davis bitch
its an elected position, im not sure they can
it would mean court sessions, which would mean publicity anyway
my guess is she tries to block her workers from issuing licenses, and they put her back in jail, no fuckin clue how it escelates after that
her lawyers are some activist group who could give a fuck less about her
pull a palin
get up on that facebook stump
rab: thoughts on the bernie
i thought he had no chance but hillary seems to have fucked herself pretty good

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this could get awesome

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rab: sadly i get the impression most of the younger ones ate up the cave people flight ace story
omg cali burrito, so good

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