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top left: bear eye, top right: bear nose, bottom edge: lower bear teath
no bear ear, no bear neck
and yeah, turn saturation up to bring out reds in mouth
and yeah more contrast in words
i would keep it, but make it brighter red to slight yellow almost white

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blackmoon: make the whole thing angry bear mouth
and put brutal nature on angry bear tongue

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ceramic and film go from like pf to low uF, electrolytic are from like .01uF to like 100,000uF
no one really uses mF
because MF used to mean MicroFarad
not mega or mille
all fucked up
and tantalum is an electrolytic
like mylar, polyester and polypropelene are film caps

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electrolytic, film, and ceramic
mylar is film, disc is usually ceramic
i dunno
theyre not batteries
its long strips of aluminum in an electrolytic solution that keeps the aluminum oxidized so it doesnt short
okay you gotta let go of the colors shit they can make them any color they want
film caps are usually rolls of insulating film and foil
sometimes theyre stacks
ceramic is usually flat plates or stacks

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cant find images of it going through a full ADSR
beacon sim technology (dds)

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heh r2r dacs are neat
i did avr gpio into an opamp buffer, worked awesome

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sigma studio might be too application specific to do what you want do to, mostly its for processing signals but you may be able to get it to clock some sort of flash mem
you can do this with an stm32f4 discovery
well, way less probably, but that has a dac

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rab: beacon sim style project management confirmed
monkeyisl: just lettin you know we might have to take over at some point
monkeyisl: you need a uC to hold the audio data, provide clocks for the dac, and to stream the data
also youll have to setup the dac config regs usually
if you want really easy shit, check out analog devices sigma studio shit, its all block diagrams and clicks to setup
but effectively youre doing a data shovel

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theyre running tl072 off 5V?
like what printer is done
my laser printer?
my laser printer is full of awesome and sunshine
anyway that buffer looks shitty

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how tall is that shit
so you get up to like 2ft on z?
why is it 4ft then?
14" is pretty good
has to be to get decent z with that setup

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like, he wanted us to do a curve trace, hes making each person use data from all the lab groups, from 3 different physical test setups not calibrated against each other
obviously the curve trace doesnt fit, so hes like INCOMPLETE DO ANOTHER CURVE TRACE
it aint my data how many times do you want me to make up numbers and squint my eyes
not that kind of curve trace
he just wants more work done on the reports, he told people that didnt do a curve fit to do one, and he will prob accept those, even tho their shit will be what he called incomplete on mine
hes like WE TAKE THESE LAB REPORTS VERY SERIOUSLY im like yeah too bad you dont take the test setup and data that seriously

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also i gotta learn trig integral shit or just give up at college
good thing, tho, is that everyone else in my class seems to suck at them too
haha, also the physics teacher is older guy, department head, constantly talking shit to the class about their generation
its kind of like, yeah i get it you think they suck, you prob told everyone in my generation 15 years ago they suck too, can you teach already instead of insulting the class, telling us how easy all this shit is, then telling us how hard this is all gonna be
like, conservation of motivation or something

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tho, i was kind of early medical and it was almost an activism thing
lots of cars like that
i read somewhere that one of scions design specs was based on american youth liking lots of small hidden comparments
like, my center console lid is also a compartment
so its possible that a significant fraction of the time, cops open the center console, but dont open the lid
obviously scion had me in mind
wtf why did my insurance go down that much

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get a speeding ticket, cant do traffic school because already did it in the last couple years or whatever
so insurance company has to know about it
insurance went down 35%
why did my insurance go down
i never hit anyone im good at that
it kept going up, now im paying same as my volvo that i sold for like $500
so youre saying that my insurance company knows that im actually a responsible law breaking driver?
also ive never been in an accident at more than like 3mph
i dont think youre as enthusiastic about this whole driving thing as i am
smoke what?
man thats such a stoner thing to say...
on long trips
like when i was younger, i just had that shit in the car all the time
pretty sure i had like, kit for the car specifically

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timecop: everyone
nm everyone in the world is timecop, i forgot

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i always forget that shit
perm bans fureal
monkeyisl: beep
rab: i gusss i should break out the stk500

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uhoh gonna be late for class =O bbl

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rab: he asked for schematic so i assume functionality
car schematics are on crack
circuit and block diagram hybrid bullshit
it sounds like two notes ascending with LFO to amplitude on the release
or maybe the notes are just detuned like that and they let them both ring
well, monkey can prob finish it
i would just record the shit and play it back at >20khz sampling

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monkeyisl: no idea
i think the sense wire is in the buckle without the shoulder strap
the latch part

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