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need like 8 of them so you can do two angled so you dont fall off the track
burny: no one rly knows =(

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fuck that bearings without wheels

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The Netherlands plans to have a 100% wind-powered railway system by 2018
haha my first thought was, that'll never work trains are way too heavy
sail train
you guys are making this way to complicated
just put sails on the trains
really big ones
sure why not its not like weight matters
and the sail panels will push electricity into the tracks
and power homes and peoples work places
sail train (c) ren corp for all of the times

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to make sure everyone is talking about the same thing
like, they have a ton of dialects over there so i guess half the time they dont even know what each are talking about
so sometimes you kinda gotta break it down and sanity check

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anyway, back and forth over spec is normal, ive only gotten the quiet thing on pcb when they think im not going to buy something
because sometimes, i dont buy something
right exactly
its normal business
like, american company they will tell you to fuck off, chinese company you just stop getting responses
same shit with the places i work and the contract manufacturers they use
theyll start talking again when they think theres money in it, but at that point theyve put a lot of time into it so theyre not going to be friendly at negotiating
and more than likely, youre not their only customer
also language shit, theres a certain point where things are so confused the chances of fucking up are pretty high
so maybe try and like, summarize what you think youre talking about

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most people wont rate poorly if seller fixes it
usually works out for the buyer if theyre not time fucked and seller isnt a fuckhead
if they keep that quiet shit up is maybe better to just find another place
i would read all the neg feedback
you can tell pretty easy if theyre nuts or really got fucked
iunno i dont buy shit from there

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kind of normal
they are happy with their other business at the moment
the solution is you fly there
macegr prob has more reasonable solutions, he prob back soon
on what?
yeah probably
even at full price, but you can prob get a deal if they did something stupid
anyway its a business they prob wont go out of their way to fuck you over, they prob just have other jobs and dont care so much if you go someplace else
then a year from now youll get an email like HEY DO YOU NEED PCB? YOU KNOW WE DO PCB? HI REMEMBER US?
ebay style?

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sometimes, its like an architect swordsman lost his job, and became a shipping guy
and he slices up cardboard and bubble into this cardboard palace for your thing
other time its like, half filled peanuts and token piece of bubble and shit just thrown loose inside, box has 10 holes but is 8 layers deep in used packing tape so whatever
yeah PCBs i usually get in a box, bubble wrapped, sealed baggies
pcbs have been good experiences, personal shit and at work
rab: haha yeah china cheap shipping = just long enough for me to forget about it
you got got the super value deal lead times, eh?

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the other 3 places i been at, they just let china do it and want the chinese pdfs that say pass in english somewhere
blackmoon: series resistance on the inputs helped more than anything else
like, ferrites kinda worked, 100R 100MHz shit, but resistors just worked, had to be in the right place
like, diode right at the pins would just get blowm up

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anyway, our theory was behringer clones the peavey design, took it to the lab and failed
so they went back and copied it even better
and failed, so they went wtf and took the peavey to the lab, and it failed
the thing is, between minor engineering change orders, variation in assembly, and the differences between production prototypes that are tested for compliance, and actual mass produced production
produucts that passed compliant will the leave the factory on the edge or over
or less immune
slightly more likely to cause a fire
so like, the company of drinking smoking guitarists, everything tested in house, usually at least 1 prescan at an external lab before actual certification, ESD passes at 2x test voltage at more agressive pass limits, and radiation and immunity with 6dB headroom

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the only place that really did ESD test was the place that was all drinking smoking rockers
it was usually the longest phase of spec and quality testing
new model goes to 30k
like 3cm arcs
well the factories do it
along with a lot of other compliance testing
its like, self test, honor system
go to a certified lab, get a report that says you pass
keep it in a filing cabinet for when someone tries to sue
so behringer is known for copying designs and selling at like 50% competitors retail
behringer took peavey to court over emc test shit, saying a peavey guitar amp wasnt compliant
so peavey would have to get their documentation that says they tested in a certified lab and passed
cert labels, you have them you have to be compliant, you cant just put that shit there because customers want it

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alt-x not closing my windows
my first lab hacker job, had an esd reset lockup issue on some dj controller shit
walked across street, got a cricket electric lighter, 10min later i had cm long sparks
takes maybe 30min to find the place its sensitive
vp of eng is like COOL YEAH head of ee is like, wtf thats not a real test thats not something we can use
spend like $1000 renting an esd gun, lost hours picking it up and dropping off
was more fun, could get 1.5cm sparks, same results
theyre $20k
i just rented one at summer job, $80/day, they made the accounting types go through some credit reference check

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the new electric ignition bics dont have child safeties
also theyre using a decent size spring now in full compression for the ignition contact
the old ones would wear down or get pushed out of place by random pocket shit
looks like they did little plastic shrouds on the side to keep it from sparking on the stamped metal cover bit
weird, made in spain
yeah long square tubes
1/2" wire coming out
since the 80s, its like those clear plastic not-bic lighters

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is it 'bite my canadian cock', or 'bite my cock, canadian'
hes not canadian
guys new electric bic graphic wrapper has a bump texture that matches the grid graphic
i dunno how i feel about it

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