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what car is that
oh i thought the music was your video
its my spotify
not as awesome as a straight 6, but way better than a v6

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i believe you select them depending on how you want to load your output
and by inductor Q and cap ESR in your value and price range
oh ya also your post filter load, thats a big deal

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whats switch frequency?
100hz is probably safe
it kind of depends on your budget and how much ripple is cool

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no one has uploaded the race vid yet

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i would prob go with that
the refurb

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right so you can lock down all the irons!
i guess if you trust it, its better than makiing sure 100 switches are flipped at the end of every day

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i like that station
the ui is a little crackish but once its setup its cool
but yeah thats the one that works with the miniplug irons
which is like, cmon seriously?
we didnt have that iron for it
apple gonna sue them
whats the rj6 looking thing
lock feature?
thats kinda cool the set screw on the hakko is totally a joke

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rab: do you have the adjustable wellers or the magnet wellers?
magnet and miniplug wellers have kind of pissed me off, the adjustable ones are okay tho
still feel like the tip plating sucks compared to the hakko and even aoyue stuff
if you have a bench to smack them against, sure
that sucks, i dont really use them enough to break them
i think all the ones ive ever used were originally assembly line units
you can get one of those metcal clones for that

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i think so but im not 100%, ive swapped irons but i dunno if it was an aoyue or another clone
also digikey doesnt know what aoyue is so i got it someplace else

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maybe but thats a weird thing to call the presets because ch already means something
rab: thats not so bad for tweezers
if the tips arent available/affordable, id be pretty annoyed tho
yeah that sucks
i like the aoyue trash because it uses hakko tips and i feel like a year or two from now i can prob still get heating elements
dont drop the hot air handle
i might have even ordered the heating element from digikey, shit came fast like overnight

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that shits too big for rework under a microscope
that looks expensive
the one sculptor linked had channel buttons but looked like it only had one iron, confusing
i assumed but its still weird

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rab: had good luck with their rework stations at like 3 jobs
the place that bought a cheapo clone, thing totally misbehaved
the one at summer job, the little standby tactile button in the hot air stand fell off its mount
so i had to open and hot glue shit back on, was snap in
so yeah obviously not perfect
even comes with tweezers that done suck that bad

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wtf is blackjack solderwerks
this is why im comfortable with aoyue junk, i know they work with hakko tips and i know i can get heating assemblies again
for $60 i would prob buy a used 936
if it had to be new, id prob buy the aoyue 936 clone
yeah they kind of pissed me off, honestly
actually improve 936, then they remove the knob
that sucks, i can go to any frys and get one
so like, 90 miles

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cheaper than that, twice the power plus knob
aoyue stuff is like that, comes with replacement heaters

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