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im only $69 away from free shipping at all
haha thats a ridiculous amount of shit from there
a few times in the store i would be a total ass and just put all the parts unbagged in a single bin, dump out on the counter
they would shrug and estimate it, was always pretty low

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right im looking and half the top hits for neodymium button magnet are etsy
like, wtf etsy
or banggood, which sounds like 3 week shipping from hong kong
the small ones seem to have way more plating issues, too

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i think those might be too big
the smaller magnets work better than the bigger ones for connecting to the nail heads
the best one were these little 4 or 5 mm spheres
i had a ton of those, they were sold in a set with enough to make a cube
right but im not seeing them on amazon that small and all electronics is now an 8 hour drive instead of a 20 min one
just need a few
all i can think that i really needed them for was checking hall sensors and finding nails in walls

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fuck i dont know where my little neo magnets are
how will i find the studs in my wall

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cspan is really the only news source i respect
during the iraq war, cspan coverage of congressional hearings was like the only place to get real war news
yeah but not just because of the media
things are getting worse because of the way we live, it never was sustainable
distribution gets fucked and rural might not be so great
but thats prob the only issue

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the issue is money controlling legislation and media and mental health
when i have a tv thats almost all i watch
its like some horror movie shit
and cartoon
fuck i forgot to pour the water into the french press
yeah but you cant elininate it
it has its place its just all fucked up
its not supposed to be entertainment, but thats how they fund it

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so a former employee killed or almost killed himself when confronted with cops, but someone elses faxed some sort of manifesto
the media isnt a single conscious entity
so itll keep being what it is because thats where the money is, and people got families to feed
corporations are no diff
sure but people want to know what kind of crazy these people are, and thats what the media is there for

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shes working
sometimes there is a producer
sorry i was making coffee and nomming on poptart

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tiem for coffee
synth__: considering, im somewhat broke
heh, like future broke
fixed income is meh
holy shit this just happened?

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rab: pretty sure thats how it works
like, you push an electron in one side of the conductor, and it creates kind of like a wave front at at the speed of light, electrons moving as a function of their mass and the initial electrons force, eventually popping an electron out the other side
so like the individual electron flow could be the width of an electron, but the current flow happened at close to the speed of light across the distance of the conductor
readerror: what was vid it looks gone now must have been good

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synth__: so like ~250g of tea
for <$25
i think ive been buying like 50g at a time?
synth__: weird its roasted?

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synth__: no just coffee, just got home from camping in friends garage for summer

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shawn|i78: 10k in parallel worked?

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danielson: show me, paint the house

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