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someone suggested hiring romanians
im not sure what they meant
i wonder if there is some sort of asphault brick that you can heat up to bind
like turf
but road

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dx^: do you know civil engineering?
at all?
how do i make small roads cheap, light duty (gokarts and small motorcycles), 10 years of good surface
i like, dig a bit and drive a steam roller over the dirt and put the asphalt?
right but not much because road will get uneven i think

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woah cool
im googling like, how the fuck am i supposed to see storage limit on schools google drive
on the google settings storage page for my school account, and its like, everyone at your school can use unlimited storage!
i feel like this is a trick because most of the staff seem unaware theyre always like YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY GET DROPBOX OR SOME OTHER CLOUD SHIT and im like, but we have it, no?
last semester it was 30gb, theyre obviously putting money into this, they should like, tell each other

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if its voltage dependent and the wiper is connected to something pretty high impedance, it should be fine
if it depends on the current coming from the pot
it wont increase by adding a parallel resistor
but if its mostly voltage dependent, should be okay
yeah higher resistance, so less current, i=v/r

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the low impedance of a component at a given frequency needs to be compensated for by the high impedance of another component
or a high enough series fixed resistance
yeah 10k
right, 10k || 10k = 5k
it just splits the current evenly between both sides
or 10k/2
i think youll be okay then
its possible the 10k pot is fine on its own, but cant be sure without schematic
if its some sort of current dependent circuit it might not work right even with the parallel resistor

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are you asking?
if the bandpass filter doesnt drop the impedance seen by the amp to below what its rated for, then the amp should be fine
thats how passive crossovers work
if the crossover networks drops significantly lower than rated impedance, the responsible engineer is an idiot or an asshole or both
it shouldnt
it shouldnt drop it below rated impedance
i dont know what you mean

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probably that the labels on the package dont match the data hes referencing
probably because chinese

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foxits awareness of page offsets due to roman numeral sections is awesome

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