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omg solidworks student will expire in 7 days
how do i even

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ha bunneh

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right do that 20 times without it fucking up and ill be impressed, with no support and mad overhangs

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monkeyisl: is that uv setting or just some sort of air setting resin?
i need hash browns
you need a water jet booth for the support
and some people are allergic, they get rashes when they handle it
its more homogeneous than fdm
kind of softer tho
better for cosmetic, but fdm is maybe better for structural, and fdm is kinda crappy at structural

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dude where you live it prob smells like dead fish everywhere all the time and you dont even know what dead fish smells like
its your normal, its like your 0dB reference smell
rab: no im like 4 hours from the beach
and when i was 30 min from the beach, they never smell like dead fish
sometimes seaweed
this aint encenada
encenada its gorgeous, but everywhere except the beach it smells like fish butts
at the beach, half of the 2 pi space you live in has only alive fish covered by water which do not smell

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even the uv setting injet stuff is better for most everything
its not that bad
people have garages and patios
people get them and realize they cant 3d cad and printing random models off the net gets stupid in a couple hours
i hate fish
especially dead fish
3d printing is not so bad
i dont understand what you just said

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is that normal? i thought that was neat
otherwise its been 10 years these things been around i havent given a shit enough to watch one and notice
yeah but its eastern european
and it looks like a lot of them do it like that
anyway i dont decide what to buy they just get excited after reading something and shit shows up
ive mostly avoiding doing post work on 3d prints at every job so far, i think all of them had printers
80 steps per mm should be fine
the wobble in the assembly is probably worse
okay, shrug
at that res i dont think thats are the issue
btw im the wrong person to try and impress with cnc gluegun, i really hate the FDM prototypes ive had to work with compared to SLA and machines

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zortrax, so the cool thing about that is its belt driven, and the precision ground way bars rotate
whats wrong with the axis
you say it cant but it does
youre saying it didnt print the bearing
that theres post work on it
ya obviously thats not why i picked the image i did because the low angle
left stepper drives the horizontal bar in the stepper via belt, the other end of the bar drives a parallel bar just above and out of the picture with a longer belt, upper right
the rotating parallel bars are the guides/ways/whatever for the x/y extruder

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looks weird
is it supposed to be inconsistent?
also high end = toothbrush for the cleaning the printturd off the nozzle
oh nm i thought the image was inverted
that looks pretty good
sorry early

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