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so much junk
fuckit im just going to get the 5" casters
im going to get the 5" ones
prob all 4 with brakes

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casters fuck up the bom

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slightly longer seat, w/ 3" cusions

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new plan http://i.imgur.com/D3juyx8.png
do you think big bolts in the ends of the 2x8 ends of the back will split?
with bigass fender washers

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man, already gotta redesign the couch

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bom says wood is $30

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and that stuff

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okay thats plan

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factory had 100mbit, i think maybe my ethernet port was maxed out

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its suggestive?
this time i did 3.5" x 3.5" and it made a very tall rectangle
it wanted commas
wtf is this old italian man i gotta delete every new file

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i just mean vibraty couch webs
i did 3.5 x 3.5 and sketchup did a very long rectangle

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rab: i figure this way i get a circular saw out of the deal
i got cheap one from sears for work, worked well enough
heh @ web straps bolted on with 10-32
i want something low with big casters
i wanted to model in sketchup but this shit is annoying
maybe just pickup pc from friends and use solidworks
haha @ winch system for couch straps
feature creep for sure
wtf pendant, should have voice control
my quotes dont match
actually is that done yet?

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i need to figure out cusions
i have enough mem foam for back but not seat
'why are you going to keep that mem foam just throw it away' ...assholes

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that was predictable
home depot think i live in last week
it says 21 in stock
okay so some 4x4, 1x4, 2x4, casters, and that webbing strap stuff, and i have a couch, right?

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no shit? i dont think ive ever seen them there or lowes
non locking versions are few dollars cheaper at parts express
are they cheap at home depot?
i need a couch
used couch is hard to transport and possibly a biohazard because crazy college town
man thats so cheap its scary, glad i asked
and then

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macegr: you have a preferred caster source?
was looking at those

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want so bad
they wont give
fuck lamborghini
forza ferrari
except in F1
well maybe a little bit because kimi
also vettel
mclaren sucks so bad i guess its okay to like ferrari to more effectively be like, fuck mercedes

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im not sure if this was the lambo or the classic batmobile
and lambos are known for catching fire for no reason, it adds to their credibility as an exotic car
i googles for stupid lambos on fire but found this instead
so sad
so, so sad
transmission and engine sharing oil prob doesnt help
yeah you didnt seem very good at it

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because he stopped in the median for some reason, maybe it was a sudden failure
pushing across a freeway is about as dumb as standing in front of a car stopped in a small median
he should have stayed in the car if he couldnt get across the highway to a safe shoulder
getting rear ended in a car is fucked, but not as much as getting run over by the car instead

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