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rab: wifi printing and scanning working
heats up quick

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okay i got the printer
danielson: do you live close to tianjin?

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omg double sided printing
like automagically?
it must mean i have to flip it
all the cool printer patents have prob run out

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this thing has a button says fax
gonna laugh if it has a phone jack
i dont even know if this place has a phone outlet
faxing shit is expensive
if its more than a couple pages, person to be faxed needs to be shot
you have to go to like fedex office or some shit
also there is online pay services
its like, this is not 1985 anymore
maybe in 95 you had a decent excuse
but not in 2015
not enough to have a whole button on my printer dedicated to it

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maybe just leave them on the curb and see what happens
hmm i guess so but theyre both kinda fucked
like, one needs new print head assembly, available on ebay because probably all of them fucked the same, other needs to be fed one piece of paper at a time
want to keep for parts but place needs to be less cluttered, not more
edge of frat district
they would prob be used in an effort to invent new drinking game
they have this new one where you calance a can of beer on a stickk
i dont remember the rest of the rules
but it involves knocking can off stick, and catching can before it hits

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rab: beep
rab: have you used brother all in ones?
i maybe get this
neat it means they prob didnt spend half the money on cosmetics and materials
dunno what to do with the old printers

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