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ha, i have a q6600

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i dont even remember what i used for that in class =\
kbbl foods
digital logic is pretty boring
man i have a summers worth of mail to go through and shred
time to procrastinate

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we didnt help cyberglo =(
we needed V_i and I_f =(
maybe he means eda stuff
bullshit were the best
were like a bunch of electronic wolverines

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im hungry
im going to make bacon and eggs and broccoli, or i dunno

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something like that would be neat for a tv

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i dont pay for electricity
sculptor: thats an atom?

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i think this is the plan
i have everything except cpu ram and mobo
k wrong link

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well he doesnt seem to learn
we kept timecop because timecop can learn

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this is very not on topic
boobs is closer to on topic
feet is totally wtf, tho
pretty sure if i was into feet id be disasspointed too, thats just some toes, this is like softcore foot porn
who was that guy?
did he ever talk about electronics?

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