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easshole doesnt know how to remove it from the script

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i get to go home in like two days
well, no three days but im done with work in two days

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yeah f a hub i want at least three double stacks
well thats not what the product guys wanted because that looks ugly
youre a geek? well fuck you geek you are not 1B people
its the rich fucks
they get confused by bullet points but they will buy it if it looks sexy
and then the sheep fucks will buy it because the rich fucks bought it
my pc case was prob like $90 =\

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i want some click lock shit in 1/4" cable
and 10m runs
my work lenovo has three usb and that shit is always pissing me off
gotta decide what to unplug

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rab: would be nice to have a pro optical interconnect
adat doesnt count
whats LC
rab: thats why
otherwise aes/ebu would be best shit ever
macbooks had toslink?
on the 3.5 jack?

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rab: toslink works way further than that
i dunno what spec is but ive run cables prob like 5 meters into switchers then into 2m cables
kind of amazed the shit works but was never a problemm
is LED, page 3
real mfkrs call it aes3 now
well itd be mean because looking down lightpipe is how you troubleshoot toslink

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right so 1tb would still be an 8b interface, they could have done a large leadless package
but if they are trying to standardize a footprint long term, they could use other pins for parallel or just different interfaces, and have the chips still have the old bus
probably they are just assholes tho

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why is it so fuckin big
is emmc larger than microsd?
maybe they think they are going to do new standards with back compatability with this pinout
emmc3000 will be like 6 of those interfaces in parallel
do the bigger capacities use wider busses or some shit?
doesn explain why to bga instead of something else same size

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timecop: so you can get usb plugs with bga sockets attached for these things?
does not look convenient
cute switch
that need you can socket a bunch of them
but tiny
just shove it in?

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timecop: right i dunno how the pinout is, but if its serial through those RC'd lines, prob not much drama to wire in
oh those arent even filled vias?
ir at 350?
ha crazy
did the mask burn?

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timecop: what temp?
backside gonna take forever and depend a lot on layout
350 not too bad
dude that shit is so much copper
its gonna take forever no matter what you do
but i think because lots of pours and traces on top, you can maybe just heat from top with air
use an open nozzle so the chip heats up too =\
if you try and do the edges it maybe doesnt get the middle pads
but i dunno, maybe qfp nozzle is safer and will work because so much copper
timecop: if the board is scrap why nor just steal the layout?
its got inside layers and you dont have gerbers?
timecop: might heat the bottom through the copper and heat the chip less
than just trying to heat the whole chip
no im saying instead of pulling the chip, just figure out the traces and cut them, wire into it

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solder directly to pads
maybe it has pogos!
anyway, lots of copper on top, use air nozzle about the size of the ic, do maybe 300c, wait forever, go up in 10c steps, wait forever
i should do beacon sim on stm32
you are no russian
blackmoon: does the wave table count as source?
i dont like this challenge i refuse

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are there a ton of vias?
do you have a gas//dust mask?
burnt pcb is bad stuff
google says its bga flash
if there are a lot of vias i would try from the bottom and see if it just falls off
would prob give up once solder mask starts to change color
if not so many vias or none, just go from top, very low heat
test one something else to see lowest temp you can get solder to melt over a couple minutes of heating
if there are lots of traces on top going to the bga pads would def go from top
its timecop, not flyback

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xanix: thats not very good
xanix: 'i want to bias your tubes for optimal 2hz oscillation'
yeah ill pass, it was an example

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