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internal bearing euro bottom bracket, its maybe $200 for everything
but it will probably asplode in a year or two

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ssd made this laptop awesome
also i figured out the FTL problem
FTL only works with aero desktop enabled
many shrugs
i think its a mode switching issue, ftl sucks at it, its not alt tab friendly
i dunno if i should do bike parts or computer parts
i really wanted outboard bearing euro bottom bracket, but its drama i have to buy a crank set with 6" spindle, which means i need a new sprocket
so $300 easy, i originally though $200
plus $40 in freewheels

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had a bad dream about PLC software

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ac coupling ftw

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maybe i just get some in n out
im gonna get chili from corner bakery

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mutation = evolution!
im hungry
oh shit yelp says go to follow your heart
hippy health food place been there since the 70s
best peanut butter milkshake
i dunno veggies eat a lot of fiber

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i go have lunch than maybe make tea or something
hmmm sooup
where do i soup
hmm maybe whole foods
i guess they are fucked now, and are going to try and do a store with their generic brand

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_digital_: what
no i just took some ibuprofin and ate and smoked a lot of weed
kind of started on thursday/friday, kind of over now
i coughed up a giant icky thing
now things are improving

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that seems really minor compared to some of your past troubles
man so im getting over a cold, im at that coughing up large amounts of icky stage
but it hurts my ribs when i cough
im just going to sit here and die

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like castleated?
however its spelled
ive seen output transistors on amps like that
its standard enough to have a name
easier to service
you can replace output devices without removing a board or heatsink

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consumer stuff, sure
yeah, not for servicing
power electronics is still often through hole
you can get the same components in SMD a lot of the time but the price is nuts
also in some cases its less dense to design with SMD
for example, things like fuses and electrolytics will have terminals sticking out to the side in SMD versions
so they take up more space and are irregular shapes compared to parts that are through hole
crystals and connectors are similar
my guess is connectors ad caps are still through hole

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i guess, change what you want and keep going
if thats what its like where you live
you on the internet and you speak good english
your life is pretty good
breadboard is an ambiguous term
solderless breadboard
im not a fan honestly
i would rather deadbug through unclad perfboard
also discrete is pretty ew
doesnt matter you can prototype however
through hole single side assembly is still prob the cheapest mass production assembly method

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would consider just getting a pana vise
dunno, you can get by without a vise
you just hold work with random objects, sometimes i do that just because other bench with the vises is too far
1) regulated iron
2) DMM
after that it kinf of depends what youre hacking
maybe 3) is a scope, maybe its a rework station, maybe its some fast prototyping supplies like eval boards, modules, solderless breadboards and jumper wires
like for stuff i do, you need a lot of cables and adapters
enough that you can cut them up and make the cable or adapter that you actually need
well that sucks

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