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need foods
i dunno im done defending this old guy
maybe he is just nostalgic or dumb
im going to doghaus, last winter they were so busy and understaffed took 30min for them to tell you they fucked up your order
now place is dead, its awesome
surplus shops prob have billions of them

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is there traces or planes close to the pins?
maybe just trying to reduce capacitance
maybe its some low temp drift part, shrug
maybe they think it will short to the case if they doont do that
maybe he has bins
yeah they almost always have the spacer
im sure you can find 30 year old xtals cheaper
new yeah
dude prob got bins of them or got a fuckton of old shit cheap
or maybe he is just old
because they came with the spacers

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if your design meets their spec ask them why it needs to change, and how much extra they want to meet their spec
and why theyre assholes
i wouldnt
build a mame box, use it for nes and snes
get some logitech dual shock clones
tekrad: if its something mass production, this is maybe how they negotiate. if its prototype numbers and youre within their spec, would ask them what the problem is
lot of board houses, china and american, its like posted spec is their capability, not what they want to do

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that would be fucked
resizing drills is kinda normal
wider can change capacitive coupling
i would expect most variation comes from process, not them changing files
what do you think i deal with all day?
least they told you
or sent it back for review

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looks better on the inside
kevtris: your design on their board?
oh wait i think i see tiny module
wait that looks too tiny
and they didnt show it in the teardown?
yeah i was guessing the tv pics were your thing

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i got warranty modification, because these camry engines eat too much oil and they decided it was because oil channels in piston to the rings
so if your engine burns too much oil in the test, they replace pistons
car is 7 years old and has 130 miles, its nice of them, to do
naw ill just drive the shit out of it like normal
last 30k ive had it its used way more oil than first 30k
it uses 0w-20 tho, so kind of expect it to burn some
ha neat
no its good, oil flows easier, moves quicker at startup
yeah only in synth
i dont even think you can get synth blend
i can use 5w-20 too, but i dont
when they did my clutch they changed oil with 5w-20 blend, i was pissed
dicks could have called and waited
i think the dipstick confused them
its hard to read, always looks down
their case is kinda ugly

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i dont have to go to work tomorrow
guys tomorrow they are going to seal up my engine for oil consumption test
then i gotta drive it for 1000-1200 miles, im going to try and do it in a week
then if badcar eats all the oil, they replace pistons and i dunno what else, i have to ask tomorrow
it will be a new era of car, i have mixed feelings
kevtris: engines have vents, also theyre sealing the dipstick and oil fil cap and drain plug
no i mean thats all theyre sealing, its a test, its for tamper proofing

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